Wyrmlance ( ( )
Item Type Melee weapon
Artifact? Yes
Weight 50s
Danger Level 16
Material Eternium

The rune-covered halberd "Wyrmlance" is a random artifact. It has stats of (+15, 4d8+10) [-2, +0], is a dragon slayer and grants resistance to stunning.

In its unidentified form, it is indistinguishable from regular eternium halberds.


Damage-wise, it is the equal of a regular eternium halberd, which is quite decent, but not generally enough to completely counter the inability to use a shield, unless used against dragon creatures. Many powerful enemies, including one orb guardian, belong to this group, making Wyrmlance quite valuable if it is found in time. Though if it is to be used against such powerful foes, making them unable to fight back while you slice upon their skulls is definitely a good idea.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

It can be obtained in the same manner as all random artifacts, including precrowning and loot.

Greater Identify information[]

------- uncursed rune-covered halberd "Wyrmlance" (+15, 4d8+10) [-2, +0]------

It is an artifact.

When wielded it modifies DV by -2 and PV by +0.
When used in melee combat it grants a +15 bonus to hit and causes 4d8+10 points
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a -1 bonus to hit and causes 5d4+9
points of damage.

It is a dragon slayer.
It grants resistance to stunning.

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.