Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Woodcraft affects, possibly among other things, the speed at which the PC can cut down trees using a hatchet.

Manual info[]

Whoever uses this skill is able to act competently while crossing woods and trying to work on trees. Many woodcutters and Rangers learn this skill.


Without any knowledge of woodcraft, chopping down a tree takes 230 in-game turns and (thus) depletes a considerable amount of satiation. As the PC's knowledge of woodcraft improves, the time required to chop down a tree becomes considerably less and thus causes less fatigue for the PC. Thus, woodcraft is of some use to PCs looking to build bridges, as this requires many trees to be cut down.

Knowledge of the Woodcraft skill also gives the PC a small bonus to critical hit chance when attacking plant monsters[1].

Advanced uses[]

Though the manual implies that knowledge of woodcraft affects the PC's ability to travel through forests somehow, these effects are not yet known. The PC's skill in Woodcraft doesn't seem to affect the time or energy cost required to travel through forest squares in the wilderness. It has no known effect in the Animated Forest either.


Barbarians, Druids, Farmers and Rangers start with the skill.


Trained by being attacked by animated trees.