Wishing is one of the most powerful features in ADOM. When you receive a wish, you can ask for (almost) any item, skill, monster, or stat. However, they are extremely rare and it is quite possible to go an entire game without getting one.

Obtaining a wish[]

There are five ways of obtaining a wish in ADOM. Note that it is impossible to wish for any of the first three items on the list, making wishing for wishes a fool's game.

Common ways to obtain those items are:

Some difficult strategies also exist for attaining lots of wishes:

  • Creating a wish engine, though this is considerably less viable in modern versions of the game.
  • Becoming an archmage (a PC capable of repeatedly bookcasting Wish indefinitely).

What to wish for[]

There is no one most important item to wish for in ADOM. Depending on your individual character's wants and needs, you will find yourself wishing for different things. A guide on the most common wishes can be found at what to wish for.

See also what not to wish for.

Possible wishes[]


Most non-Artifact items can be wished for using the name of the item. Heavy cudgel shares its name with Black Thumb, meaning you must misspell this wish in order to get one. A wish for Spellbooks can be used to obtain several random Spellbooks. Wishes for Statues, Corpses, and Figurines of wondrous power can be used to obtain several random items of the appropriate type; specific versions of these items cannot be wished for.

Wishing for the plural of an item usually results in receiving multiple items of that type. Certain items have special plural forms that need to used to ensure you receive multiple items per wish: wishes for Gauntlets, Boots, or Bracers should be prefaced with pairs of, and wishes for clothes should be prefaced with sets of. Certain items can only be obtained one or two at a time.

Limitation Items
Can't be wished for Spellbook of Wish, Ring of djinni summoning, Wand of wishing, items that can't be generated as random drops
One per wish Potion of gain attributes, Whip of slaughtering, Whip of the snake, Sword of sharpness, Amulet of life saving, Seven league boots, Girdle of giant strength, all Magic staves
Two per wish Potion of strength, Potion of learning, Potion of willpower, Potion of dexterity, Potion of toughness, Potion of charisma, Potion of beauty, Potion of mana


The Alertness and Healing Skills cannot be wished for. Otherwise, skills can be wished for using the name of the skill. Wishing for a skill the PC doesn't have grants it at a skill level of 20. Wishing for a skill the PC already has will usually increase its skill advancement dice or level.


Most non-unique monsters can be wished for using the name of the monster type. Dwarven smith, Dwarven innkeeper, Cloaked ratling, Cute dog, Demented ratling, Ancient karmic wyrm, Big casino guard, Banshee, Greater black unicorn, Grizzled gladiator, Old barbarian, Ratling dealer, Raider lord, and Ratling rebel can be wished for despite being otherwise unique. Wishing for Emperor moloch, Minotaur emperor, Quickling bard, and Shopkeeper will summon several different hostile monsters.

Wish Monsters summoned
Emperor moloch Greater molochs
Minotaur emperor Minotaur kings
Quickling bard Quickling lords
Shopkeeper Thugs


All nine Attributes may be increased directly by wishing. Learning is increased by wishing for Knowledge, Perception is increased by wishing for Alertness, and Appearance is increased by wishing for Beauty. All other attributes are increased by wishing for the name of the attribute. Wishes for Willpower, Charisma, and Appearance are notable in being more effective than wishing for the relevant attribute increasing potion.


Wish Result
Speed Increases base Speed by 1 and provides a large temporary boost to Speed
Power Increases maximum PP
Better marks Increases all weapon skills by a Learning-dependent amount
Friend Summons a tame monster
Help Summons a tame monster; if there is no room, grants a weapon
Gold Generates a level-dependent pile of gold pieces
Insight Identifies all carried items
Death Unnaturally ages the PC so that they will die on the second birthday after the wish.
Healing Restores the PC to full health and clears most negative status effects
Light Illuminates all dark areas in a large radius and grants a Wand of light
Satiation Gives the PC enough satiation to make them bloated