Wish/Divine Intervention
School Arcane
Type Utility
Range N/A
Base cost 3000
Equivalent item wand of wishing
ring of djinni summoning

Wish is the ultimate utility spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to ask for various items, skills, one-time boons etc. See the main page for wishing for detailed information.

The ability to use one of the most powerful magic in Ancardia does not come without significant costs:

  1. Learning the spell from a spellbook requires proficiency with magic, high Learning score and great expertise in Literacy and Concentration skills. In a standard game only pure spellcasters like Wizards, Druids, Priests and Necromancers have a reasonable chance to learn the spell.
  2. Learning the spell from a spellbook will take 3000 turns during which the PC needs to be in a safe location (not interrupted by monsters) and be literally bloated to carry out the task without getting hungry.
  3. Casting the spell requires the PC to have enough PP (and probably HP) to satisfy the base cost of 3000 PP.
  4. Finally, successful casting of Wish will drain a random attribute by 10 points (can be chosen an attribute with one point, in this case attribute will not be reduced) and consume a tremendous amount of spell knowledge requiring the PC to relearn the spell. The latter may be avoided using book-casting (which, unfortunately, greatly increases the spell cost).

Spellbooks of Wish are the rarest spellbooks in the game and cannot be wished for. Only Wizards and Necromancers are guaranteed to find one in the Library.

All in all, learning and using the Wish spell without specific preparations is highly unlikely to be successful. Typically players will undertake these preparations if they are trying to transform their PC in an archmage.


Wish doesn't depend on any attribute due to its fixed effect. Spell proficiency likewise doesn't improve anything except base cost (the discount is almost non-existent in case of Wish spell).


It is possible to randomly cast Wish by zapping a wand of wonder. This way the tremendous PP cost is avoided, but attribute drain is still applied. It is worth noting that this is an extremely rare occurrence, and may kill the PC in several ways (most of which break down to being crushed by carried equipment).

Drinking a potion of wonder might yield some castings of Wish.

If the PC manages to successfully read a spellbook of Wish, his/her Learning will be significantly trained and can easily result in gaining several points of the stat.