Willpower is one of the main attributes.

Effects Edit

How to train it Edit

Herbs Edit

Willpower is very easy to train by eating morgia roots. B/U/C status does not matter; they always have a positive effect. Around 4-5 herbs are sufficient for an increase. Morgia roots no longer work for Willpower if it is 25 or higher, although an extreme amount of training at 24 can increase it to 26. Eating morgia roots cannot train Willpower if it is already at its potential.

Garth Edit

The PC can pay Garth to train their Willpower. Higher values of Willpower require progressively more gold.

Leveling up Edit

Like all attributes, Willpower is slightly trained every time the PC levels up.


Successfully reaching the cast spell menu or casting a spell from the learned spells menu while stunned or confused trains Willpower by a minimal amount.

How to raise itEdit

Stat potions Edit

Potions of willpower and potions of gain attributes can be used to increase Willpower. There is no soft or hard cap for using these; blessed potions of gain attributes give +1 (to all other stats also), uncursed potions of willpower give +1, blessed potions +2. For this reason, these potions should be blessed, and drunk once all other methods have stopped working.

Eating corpses Edit

Corpses that can increase potential: Ancient black dragon, Great black wyrm

Corpses that ignore potential: Yulgash, Ultimate doppelganger (trolls only)

Class powers Edit

  • Mindcrafters receive +5 Willpower as their level 25 class power.
  • Bards receive +6 Willpower as part of their level 50 class power.

Talents Edit

The "Strong of Will" talent that is only available at the start of the game increases initial Willpower by 2.

Corruption Edit

The bulging cranium corruption increases Willpower by 4, and the decaying body corruption increases it by 10.

Star sign Edit

Characters born in the month of the Tree begin the game with a 5 extra Willpower.


The PC's Willpower increases upon aging from young to grown-up, middle-aged to old, or old to very old.

How to abuse It Edit

Eating Edit

Many corpses will decrease Willpower if eaten, and occasionally offer increases to other stats. These corpses include claw bug corpses as well as those of minotaurs. The greatest willpower losses are incurred by eating the corpses of greater claw bugs and especially killer bugs; the latter will drain 12 Willpower per corpse (while increasing speed and Dexterity).

Kranf Niest Edit

Collecting the Kill Jharod reward will result in a 1d3 Willpower loss.

Corruption Edit

The ChAoS whispers corruption reduces Willpower by 6. The apish corruption reduces Willpower by one, and will periodically reduce it further. PCs also receive a Willpower penalty based on their alignment and the number of corruptions they have (-1 per 2/3/4 corruptions at chaotic/neutral/lawful).

Casting spells from health Edit

Casting spells from health heavily abuses Willpower.

Weapons Edit

Wielding a weapon with the suffix 'of surrendering' abuses Willpower.

Items Edit

Several items in the game will grant a Willpower bonus if worn (standard bonus in brackets). These include:

Requirements Edit

Willpower Required for
12 Beast of Burden
15 Immune to Pain, Pious, Strong Healer
16 Durable Magic
20 Very Pious
30 Saint