The wilderness encompasses the game world of ADOM. It is from here that the PC enters the Drakalor Chain, and can enter various dungeons and towns in the chain.

Moving through the wilderness takes more in-game time to travel through than towns and other 'indoor' locations, and the PC's food consumption is also greatly increased while traversing the wilderness (+30 per turn for trolls, +15 for other races, can be modified by 'of travelling' armor). All areas in the wilderness have a danger level of 1, unless modified by scrolls of danger.

Time spent moving depends on the square type the PC moved into (there is some randomization, which is up to 10 min extra):

  • Plains, road and special places (the ones the PC can enter) - 1hour
  • Forest - 2 hours (doesn't seem to be affected by the woodcraft skill)
  • Hills - 1.5 hours
  • Water - either 1 or 2 hours (the chance to take 2 hours is reduced with the swimming skill, and eliminated with Amulet of free action) - time spent is not related to drowning
  • Mountains 5 hours
  • Swamp 3 hours
  • Pressing '5' to rest is 1 hour regardless of the terrain

These travel times are modified by seven league boots (around x1/6, x1/3, x2, for B, U, C, respectively). Occasionally, no time at all will pass when travelling, and the frequency of this increases as speed increases. At low speeds, travel times can be multiple times longer.

Changing body armor and eating only take one turn in the wilderness. However, actions like changing equipment, eating, and drinking take significantly more in-game time in the wilderness.

In many cases one turn in the wilderness counts as 30 turns elsewhere (while actual turn count is increased by one). This 30x effect includes:

For a list of locations that can be entered from the wilderness, see locations.

For a list of monsters that can be encountered while travelling through the wilderness, see encounters.

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