White necromancy is an alternate form of Necromancy, practiced exclusively by Mist Elves of lawful or neutral alignments. It can be used to create unlife beings as slaves using lumps of clay.


White necromancy appears in the skills menu as 'Necromancy'. Chaotic Mist Elves can only use the 'black' version of the skill, details of which are found on the Necromancy page. Lawful and neutral Mist Elves can only use white necromancy when applying the skill.

The mechanics of white necromancy are very similar to black necromancy. Applying the skill requires some PP and appropriate "source material". Passing the skill check will create a bound slave and drain several points of Mana permanently. However, this process also significantly trains Mana, allowing the PC to regain some or all lost points over time.

Created slaves adjust up to the PC's level; additionally they can level up in the usual way by killing monsters.

Comparison with black necromancy[]

White necromancy Black necromancy
Only available to Mist Elves. Available to all races.
Requires lumps of clay. Requires humanoid corpses.
Creatures can be healed with Cure Light Wounds, Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Critical Wounds and Heal spells. There are next to no means to heal creatures (except highest-grade liches capable of self healing). Using quickling corpses is the optimal way to solve slave HP problems.
Creatures are durable, have various resistances. Creatures are durable at high levels but fairly weak at low levels.
High-grade slaves available before mid-game. Decent slaves available only at high levels; however, ghuls—which can be created starting at level 6+—are valuable.
Stats are the same for any created slave (barring power adjustment). Valuable corpses (e.g. quicklings) produce more powerful slaves.
Very high Mana cost, no synergy with class powers. Reasonable Mana cost, further reduced by class powers.
Slaves cannot catch up with high-speed PCs. Phasing ghosts or reanimated quicklings can catch up with high-speed PCs.

Slaves created[]

Mist Elves that are not Necromancers will only ever create homunculi at the cost of 2 Mana points per creation. On the other hand, Necromancers using the skill get a choice of slaves to create as they gain levels[1].

Level required Monster type Mana cost Notes
1 Homunculus 2 Has sleep-inducing melee attack—effective against weaker monsters
5 Clay statue 4 Regenerates
7 Stone statue 6 Immune to fire—not affected by fireball traps and background damage in the Tower of Eternal Flames
11 Clay golem 10 Has slowing melee attack—effective for damage control
15 Stone golem 16 Immune to cold—not affected by background damage in the Ice Queen Domain