White dragon hatchling
Location Random
Monster type Dragon
Alignment Chaotic
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? Yes
1.1.1 KPL 12

White dragon hatchlings are uncommon monsters in ADOM. They will appear en masse in white dragon vaults and can be encountered in relatively low-DL areas (such as Big Room).

As their adult counterparts, they can breathe cold, are immune to ice attacks and highly vulnerable to fire attacks. They are able to smash doors and equip certain items (mainly armor). They have relatively low damage and hit points, making breath attacks their main offensive power.

White dragon hatchlings are somewhat dangerous to Drakeling PCs, lowering speed with their ice breath attacks, even if the PC is resistant or immune to cold. They are not a threat by themselves, but more powerful monsters can easily exploit PC's reduced speed with great efficiency.

White dragon hatchlings leave heaps of gold when killed, containing around 1000 gold pieces on average.

They are vulnerable to corresponding slaying ammunition, as well as Wyrmlance and Vanquisher.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 13, PV: 3, Hits: 55, Attacks: 3, Damage: 2-8, Speed: 100

Corpse effects[]

Eating white dragon hatchling corpses will grant cold resistance.

Monster memory[]

Usual description

A small dragon about the size of a large dog. Its scales are a faded yellow color, darker on its underbelly, and its tail a mere stump. It prowls about the room, regarding you as little more than a plaything.

Alternate description

You wonder who went to the trouble to sculpt a small dragon in ice; it's not as if many people were passing through to have a look at this work of art. Anyway, where did they get all the snow and ice from? And wasn't the head looking in the other direction just a moment ago? Ice breaks as the little reptile shakes its wings, and blue eyes look at you, wondering whether it should freeze you with its icy breath or just sink its long teeth into you.