White dragon-hide gauntlets ( [ )
Item Type Gauntlets
Artifact? No
Weight 10s
Danger Level 5
Material Iron

White dragon-hide gauntlets is a type of gauntlets that provides cold resistance and some minor PV bonus when worn.

They appear as white gauntlets when unidentified — the same as white leather gauntlets (which are made from leather and do not provide cold resistance). They can be distinguished from their leather counterparts due to the -2 to-hit penalty; this, however, can only be checked by equipping them.

As all dragon-hide gauntlets are made of iron, players should be careful with these items with Mist Elves.

Desirability[edit source]

Cold resistance can be essential early on if an ogre magus is generated, or if facing Li-Hon-Kay in Arena.

Since Ancient mummy wrapping provides cold immunity, their value diminishes after completing the Pyramid.

Guaranteed/Common sources[edit source]

Generic loot.

Greater Identify information[edit source]

---------------white dragon-hide gauntlets (-2, +0) [+0, +2]-------------

When worn they modify DV by +0 and PV by +2.
When used in melee combat they grant a -2 bonus to hit and cause 1d4 points of
damage. When used as a missile they grant a +0 bonus to hit and cause 1d3
points of damage.

They grant resistance to cold.
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