There are many possible things you can wish for in ADOM. This page attempts to list the most important ones.

See also What not to wish for.

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All-game wishes[edit | edit source]

Wishes in this section are viable options all game long.

Text to wish for Why choose this wish? Notes
Pairs of seven league boots Blessed seven league boots drastically increase your movement speed both in dungeons and the wilderness. They are widely considered to be the best boots in ADOM. Only wish for them if you don't already have a pair. As of version 1.2.0, it is only possible to get one pair per wish[1]
Spellbooks of Acid Ball Acid Ball is the most powerful offensive spell in the game, making it a popular wish. Only required if you are a spellcaster without good spells. Priests, Paladins, Druids and Chaos Knights should ask for "spellbooks of Rain of Sorrow", or else the wish will be wasted.
Concentration The Concentration skill is almost essential for spellcasting, and definitely worth a wish if you plan to use magic.
Find weakness The Find weakness skill massively increases your chance of critical hits, making it useful to all melee-oriented PCs without decent slaying weapons (Executor, Skullcrusher, Vanquisher etc.).
Ring of weakness (1.1.1 only) A ring of weakness is typically useless to the extreme. However, with proper planning, it is possible to raise all stats to 99 with one. See its page for details. Don't wish for this if you don't want to scum massively. In 1.2.0, the scummy features of this item no longer work, and it should not be wished for.
Archery The Archery skill increases missile damage, and can be quite useful to anyone attempting to use missile weapons Archery increases to-hit and to-damage bonuses by 4 and 2 respectively at skill level 100; more important advantages include access to the Lightning Shot (missile attacks have energy cost reduced by 10%, cumulative with other modifiers) and Eagle Eye (+3 to-hit and to-damage on missile attacks) talents.
Scrolls of education Can teach new skills to the PC. More importantly, allows the PC to write this scroll. Be sure to bless before reading. Wish for magical writing sets if you have already seen this scroll.
Magical writing sets Can be used to write useful scrolls, such as scrolls of education or scrolls of corruption removal. Scrolls of defense/protection are worth considering too to improve non-metallic items. See the item page for detailed considerations for scroll writing.
Bracers of resistance Easily smithable, provide useful intrinsics, immune to fire- and lightning-based attacks (thanks to granted intrinsics). There is no known way to wish for multiple pairs of bracers of any kind in 1.1.1. In 1.2.0, wish for "pairs of bracers of resistance".
Potions of toughness Increasing Toughness improves survivability Only two can be gained per wish. For PCs with low toughness such as any mist elf, wishing for potions of potential toughness and using morgia roots may be more effective.
Staff of purification Can be used to eliminate corruption almost entirely. Only one can be gained per wish.
Pairs of Boots of levitation Makes getting across bodies of water trivial, eliminates the weight limit in the Ice Queen Domain. Ring of levitation is basically same if you prefer to use that slot.

Early game wishes[edit | edit source]

Text to wish for Why choose this wish? Notes
Girdle of giant strength Girdles of giant strength are quite useful due to their +12 Strength bonus. Can and should be improved with scrolls of defense/protection. This is the best non-scummy way to raise strength with a wish.  Limited to one.
Tower eternium shields Eternium tower shields are the best non-artifact shields in the game. They are very good defensive items, especially in the early-mid game. A single wish will grant 2-4 shields potentially allowing higher than base stats. Note that as of 1.2.0 you 1. can't cast spells, 2. receive a significant ranged to-hit penalty while dual-wielding shields[2].
Amulet of life saving Giving an AoLS to Khelevaster is the only way to save his life; which opens the option of an Ultra ending while also granting you many scrolls of corruption removal. Only one AoLS can be obtained per wish. You can also use an AoLS yourself, however they are prone to being destroyed by monsters.
Rings of regeneration, pairs of bracers of regeneration, crowns of regeneration Regeneration is a powerful intrinsic that allows the PC to recover 1 HP per turn per regenerating item. This is a significant enhancement over most conventional sources of healing available in the early game, and can go a long way toward keeping a weak PC alive (especially for mist elven PCs). Most of these items are fairly rare and have high danger levels and are thus difficult to acquire prior to the Casino. Among these items, rings are typically a better choice as two of them can be equipped simultaneously and are highly resistant to damage if protected by gauntlets.

Mid game wishes[edit | edit source]

Text to wish for Why choose this wish? Notes
Red dragon scale mails Red dragon scale mail increases PV by +13, as well as granting fire immunity, making it a very powerful piece of armor. Most often wished for prior to the Tower of Eternal Flames.
Rings of ice Rings of ice protect worn equipment from fire damage, very important in the Tower of Eternal Flames. They are relatively less important in other areas of the game, and not worth a wish. Note that as of 1.2.0 neutral PCs may receive the ring from the dwarven mystic[3].
Fireproof blankets Fireproof blankets protect your inventory from fire damage, which is always useful. They can be useful when attempting the Tower of Eternal Flames, but their wish-worthiness is debatable.
Emperor moloch A wish for the emperor moloch will grant ~30 greater molochs, assuming the emperor has not already been slain. These can be killed for a LOT of XP, if the right tactic is used. This is a VERY dangerous wish to the unprepared.
Ancient karmic wyrm An ancient karmic wyrm will, if the right strategy is used, grant over ~8 million xp. This is a VERY dangerous wish to the unprepared. As of version 1.2.0, ancient karmic wyrms can see through invisibility[4], making the usual strategy obsolete.
Wands of paralyzation Paralysis is a very useful effect that can completely neutralize many powerful monsters, including the Ancient Chaos Wyrm and cat lord. As of version 1.2.0, paralysis no longer works on the ACW.
Banshee A banshee can clear the bug temple relatively safely, if the right precautions are taken (see here). The rewards include three scrolls of corruption removal, a pile of 12 quarrels of slaying, 6 potions of ultra healing and a padded elven chain mail of resilience (great for Monks), among others. This is a VERY dangerous wish to the unprepared.

Late game wishes[edit | edit source]

Text to wish for Why choose this wish? Notes
Speed Speed is useful always, essential rarely. Use with discretion. VERY helpful when fighting Andor Drakon; this is typically the only time you will wish for speed. This boost is mostly temporary. Only a small permanent increase will remain.
Scrolls of corruption removal ("Scrolls of chaos resistance" in 1.1.1) Will clear significant amounts of corruption Bless before reading.
Scrolls of danger Necessary for Ultra Endings Wish for magical writing sets if you have already seen this scroll.
Potions of cure corruption Necessary for Ultra Endings Available from Guth'Alak in exchange for orb guardians' corpses (for neutral and lawful PCs).
Wands of monster creation Necessary for Ultra Endings
Scrolls of familiar summoning If you need a companion to help clear D:50. Wish for magical writing sets if you have already seen this scroll.
Wands of destruction If the PC hasn't found one yet, this wand can simplify the battle on D:50 considerably. Has other tactical uses earlier in the game.

Archmage wishes[edit | edit source]

Once the player achieves Archmage status then wishes take on a different role and new possibilities emerge.

Text to wish for What you get Notes
Potions of quickling blood High speed

Wish for potions of quickling blood.  Bless and drink.

Alternatively, wishing for "speed" will provide a temporary boost of ~100-400 points to your Speed attribute. Repeated wishes can quickly get in the 5,000 speed range although this wears off over time.

One lesser known aspect of speed is that it reduces the chance that time will elapse when travelling outdoors. With 5,000+ speed, you can essentially travel from one end of the map to the other with no elapsed game time.

Scrolls of education Every skill (including Alertness) Wish for scrolls of education. Bless and read.

Scrolls of education are better than potions of education since more scrolls can be dipped in holy water (9) than potions (4) ... unless you're wearing the Potion belt artifact in which case go for potions all the way. The Potion belt artifact makes potions weightless and since the dip mechanic is limited by weight, this allows you to dip 19 potions at once.

Potions of gain attributes Maxed out stats

Wish for 99 potion of gain attributes ... one at a time. Bless and drink.  Macros are your friend here.

Alternatively, summon the ingredients to make potions of gain attributes via alchemy, which will make blessed potions much more often but involve more typing.

Please note that this will provide a LOT of satiation and the player may become bloated for some time.  This may impact efforts where eating corpses is required.

Potions of water Heaps of potions of holy water

Wishing for "potions of water" yields 2-4 potions of various blessed status.

Drop the waters on an aligned altar to make holy. Use an unaligned altar if you prefer unholy.

Changing the blessed status of items is one of the surprising bottlenecks of being an Archmage.  Since blessed status is ignored by the wish mechanic, this can become an issue quickly.

It is best to choose a location near an aligned altar while performing archmage level wish casting due to this need.

Gelatinous cubes

Paralyzation Resistance (1.2.0+ only)

Wish for gelatinous cubes and eat their corpses.

This may take several hundred attempts since gelatinous cubes rarely leave a corpse and getting the intrinsic from eating a corpse is only a 1 in 3 chance.

Giant slugs Acid Immunity Wish for giant slugs and eat their corpses.

Weapons (including long bows) of hunting are useful here.

Lightning lizards Lightning Immunity Wish for lightning lizards . Bless and eat their corpses.

Please note that corpses must be blessed in order for this to work. This may take many repeated attempts since the chance of getting the intrinsic is small.

Frost salamanders Cold Immunity Wish for frost salamanders and eat their corpses.

This may take repeated attempts since the chance of getting the intrinsic is small. Please note that eating Frost Salamander corpses can also cause drops in Dexterity and Speed although this is usually trivial to an archmage.

Invisible stalkers See Invisibility intrinsic

Wish for invisible stalkers and eat their corpses.

This may take repeated attempts since the chance of getting the intrinsic is small.

Please note that this may affect exp gain since the player will no longer gain the extra exp bonus for killing invisible monsters.

Also, please note that this may also impart intrinsic invisibility .  The only known way to permanently remove intrinsic invisibility is by drinking from a pool but this can cause other unwanted effects. Potions of visibility will temporarily make the player visible and may be the only other way to accomplish certain tasks from that point forward.

Potions of boost learning & "better marks" Grand mastery in all shields and weapons Wish for enough potions of boost learning to push your Learning score way past 99 and then wish for "better marks".

There seems to be a hard cap at 99 for stats but the actual value is stored separately and can go far beyond that. With Le pegged at 99, a wish for "better marks" will give you ~200-400 marks in shields and all weapons, making Grandmaster status much more obtainable.

Potions of troll blood Maximum health regeneration Wish for potions of troll blood. Bless and drink.

There seems to be a hard cap of one health regenerated per 5 turns.

Potions of raw mana Maximum power point regeneration Wish for potions of raw mana. Bless and drink.

There seems to be a hard cap of one power point regenerated per 5 turns.

Gold Artifacts

Wish for gold. Sacrifice until piety is extremely close then pray.

Only works if the player meets the requirements for pre/postcrowning.

Alternatively, go kill ancient blue dragon in the Blue Dragon Caves. There should be an artifact drop for approximately every ~300 ancient blue dragons killed.  Be mindful of the uberjackal effect if using this technique.

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