The stone (abbreviated s) is a weight measurement unit used in ADOM. Unlike the real-world unit of the same name, which is equivalent to approximately 6.35 kilo, 1s equals exactly 50 grams.

The ADOM Fluff FAQ provides a conversion guideline:

V.B. How much weight is 'one stone' actually?

   50.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 metric grams *or*
  615.38461538461538461538461538461538461538461538461538 grains *or*
   32.15434083601286173633440514469453376205787781350482 pennyweights *or*
    1.60756197151400186477188695624216313538886924090923 ounces *or*
    0.13396134411454230767169825475160887574281565311513 pounds
  (for those folks suffering from imperial measurement systems ;-).


  • Gold is the lightest item at 1s per 100 pieces.
  • The emperor moloch's raw corpse is the heaviest consumable item at 5000s.
  • Corpse weights and statue weights are related. If a monster's raw corpse weighs (x * 60)s, its statue will weigh (x * 1000)s.
  • Cooked items weigh 5% less then their raw counterpart.
  • Girdle of weight, when worn, weighs 200s/400s/600s depending on B/U/C status.
  • Some weapon and armor prefixes modify weight: light, hefty, heavy, extra-heavy, and ultra-heavy.