This is a page about a spell. For other uses, see Web.

School Arcane
Type Disabler
Range Bolt
Base cost 12
Equivalent item wand of webbing

Web is an arcane disabler spell in ADOM. It allows the caster to shoot a directed ray which creates webs on every tile over which it travels.

Web is an incredibly powerful spell against a number of powerful monsters (such as cat lord, Nuurag-Vaarn, etc.). This spell works much better when used in advance to create webs over a large area increasing the time when the PC remains out of monsters' reach. It is, of course, possible to use Web during the fight, although target monster will likely be in the PC's immediate vicinity, minimizing the number of webs it should travel. Moreover, most monsters simply shrug off the spell and are not disabled, whereas they are much more likely to get stuck when they move into a web-covered tile.

Note that webs can only be created on dungeon tiles ('.' symbol). This should be taken into account while engaging creatures outside of dungeons. A special mention goes to Keriax against whom Web will only be effective inside the temple in the Stone Circle.

Some monsters have the ability to completely ignore webs (most spiders and dark elves), and some monsters destroy webs immediately upon moving into a web-covered tile. Thus, these monsters cannot be incapacitated by webs.



Training proficiency with the Web spell decreases the chance for monsters to shrug off the spell.


Web ray range is determined by the PC's Willpower (W) and the spell proficiency (P). However, range cannot be less than 3 nor greater than 12. The exact formula is as follows:

max[3, min{(W + P) / 4, 12}]


Webs can be burned with fire, acid and lightning-based attacks. They will burn naturally after several turns in the Tower of Eternal Flames or Water Dragon Cave (although the message for latter is incorrect).

Web-covered tiles cannot support herbs. Using the Web spell during herb farm creation is a very effective tactic for growth control.