This is a page about a dungeon feature. For other uses, see Web.

Webs are a semi-permanent dungeon feature that can trap either the PC or monsters imposing significant penalties on their actions. They are displayed as a light gray vertical bar symbol ('|').


Webs are never randomly generated on levels — they can only be created either by the PC or various spider-type monsters. Each web occupies a single floor tile and will remain there indefinitely until it is destroyed. Webs can not be created on a tile already containing a herb plant or a trap. Webs likewise can not be created on non-dungeon floor tiles, staircases and over water

The PC can create webs using the aptly named Web spell or by zapping a wand of webbing. Both these methods create a line of webs in a specified direction. Monsters caught in the area of effect for both the spell and the wand can be automatically trapped in the newly created webs but usually evade them. Webs will still be created on the floor tile occupied by monsters even if they have successfully evaded the spell/wand projectile.

Spider-type monsters (large/giant spiders, cave fishers and tarantulas) can spin webs on the floor tiles while moving.

Effects on the PC[]

The PC will always be caught in a web whenever (s)he moves on a webbed floor tile either physically from neighboring tiles or by teleportation. While the PC is trapped in webs (s)he can not perform the majority of standard actions (the list is being expanded in version 1.2.0[1]) — typically the only thing to do is to try to break from webs (by moving in any direction). The chances of the PC to break from a web are dependent on his/her Strength score. With very low Strength values successfully breaking from webs may require several dozen tries. It is believed that breaking from webs trains Strength, but the effect is far from significant.

When the PC gets caught in webs and each time (s)he tries to break free and fails (s)he may got bitten by a swarm of tiny spiders. This will poison the PC if (s)he does not have poison resistance and will do nothing (except generate a corresponding message) otherwise. If the PC dies from subsequent poisoning a special death message will be generated in the ending log: "<PC> was eaten alive by a spider swarm." Dark elven PCs are immune to this poison and will instead "welcome his/her spidery friends".

After the PC breaks from webs on a floor tile they are destroyed.

Effects on monsters[]

Monsters that move on a webbed floor tile have a chance to get caught. Trapped monsters will attempt to break free each turn and will be unable to move/attack the PC or use their abilities. It should be noted that monsters breaking free from webs will move/attack on the same turn.

There are several types of immunity to webs among monsters in ADOM:

  • Various monsters simply ignore webs and will never be caught while moving on a webbed tile. These mainly include spider-type creatures, all dark elves, some constructs and undead.
  • Fire creatures and simply incredibly strong monsters (like molochs) will immediately destroy webs while moving on a webbed tile without losing a turn.

The majority of monsters are, however, vulnerable to webs. These notably include a lot of powerful creatures and boss monsters (cat lord, Srraxxarrakex, shopkeepers) making webs an incredibly potent disabler. It should be noted that due to the high chance to evade webbing shot from a wand or through a spell and the high chance to simply avoid being caught in the webs (seemingly increased in version 1.2.0) using webs as a disabler requires preparations. The most efficient way to utilize webs is to fill a large area/long corridor completely, alert the monster to the PC's presence, teleport over the webbed tiles and resort to missile attacks while the monster tries to cover the "minefield". Due to the fact that monsters can break free from webs and move/attack the PC on the same turn using melee attacks is a risky tactic.


Webs can be destroyed by fire/lightning/acid-based attacks performed by the PC and monsters, and likewise fire/lightning/acid vortices will immediately destroy any web that they move into. Webs will burn on all levels of the Tower of Eternal Flames and in the Water Dragon Cave (due to a bug, webs also burn there).

Webs will prevent herb growth on the tiles occupied by them. Using the spell or wands of webbing is an effective way to create stable herb farms.