Weaponsmiths are a melee-oriented class specializing, as the name suggests, in Smithing. They have a decent skillset, including the highly desired Find weakness, as well as Concentration for spellcasting. Athletics gives a great speed boost if maxed, as well as extra attribute increases. Although most Weaponsmiths are strong and sturdy enough to be played as a pure melee class, the class seems to have a considerable semi-casting potential... though like with archers, the fact that they do not practice literacy as part of their profession makes book reading difficult until around the mid game.

As expected, Weaponsmiths' class powers and starting items allow easy access to smithing. Moreover, Weaponsmiths are significantly more effective at improving item quality than other classes. Performing extensive smithing can lead to incredible DV and PV modifiers.

As far as race–class combinations go, perhaps any race can do well as a Weaponsmith. Orcs, Dwarves, Gnomes and maybe Trolls are good choices since they add the Mining skill to the Weaponsmith's skillset. Drakelings and Hurthlings make good choices too, the latter greatly benefiting from the high minimum Strength score of smiths (see below). Elven smiths make good semi-casters around the mid-game, as well as having perhaps better survival prospects than other elves in the early game (particularly for Mist Elves) due to the Detect traps skill and starting fire resistance.

Basic Information[]

In-game manual description[]

Weaponsmiths are crafty men and women able to repair damaged metal equipment and improve items. Weaponsmiths normally are well-equipped and carry the tools of their trade. They are strong and resilient, hardened by many hours of strenuous work.

Base Stats[]

Weaponsmiths receive good bonuses to their physical stats, particularly Toughness. Additionally, since PCs cannot start the game burdened and all weaponsmiths carry a very heavy anvil with them, weaker races receive an additional boost to Strength. This boost is enough to guarantee above-average starting Strength value for any given roll.

Statistically average stats for each race are listed below. Male weaponsmiths can be expected to have an extra point in Strength (except for weaker races which derive high values solely through heavy starting equipment), female weaponsmiths an extra point in Dexterity.

Race St Le Wi Dx To Ch Ap Ma Pe
Human 18 13 13 13 16 11 11 13 12
Troll 26 5 10 11 26 7 6 9 9
High Elf 17 14 11 20 13 10 15 16 17
Gray Elf 16 15 12 17 12 8 20 19 17
Dark Elf 15 11 15 18 15 7 13 19 16
Dwarf 18 11 13 11 20 9 9 12 13
Gnome 17 12 11 15 17 13 10 17 13
Hurthling 18 10 12 19 18 13 11 10 12
Orc 19 7 12 12 20 8 7 9 10
Drakeling 18 10 15 12 20 10 8 13 11
Mist Elf 16 17 11 17 11 8 25 24 19
Ratling 17 9 11 16 21 6 5 12 16

Starting Skills[]

Skill Typical Value Typical Modifier Available Ingame?
Appraising 25 4d4 No
Athletics 40 4d5 No
Concentration 15 4d5 No
Detect Traps 10 3d5 Yes
Find Weakness 15 3d5 No
Metallurgy 55 4d4 No
Smithing 55 4d4 Yes

Crowning Gifts[]

Bracers of War and the Ring of Immunity are exceptional artifacts, while Skullcrusher is a decent one-handed weapon viable for the late game. While being a high-damage two-handed weapon, the hammer of the gods lacks slaying powers which limits its potential. It is, however, an efficient ranged weapon thanks its autoreturning property. Perion's plate mail and Protector are high-quality armor pieces which nevertheless lack powerful additional properties. Sufficiently dedicated players should be able to create armor boasting more impressing defensive capabilities through Smithing (however, unlike artifacts, these items will not be indestructible).

HP, PP, To-hit Growth by Level[]

HP: Low
PP: Medium
Melee to-hit: High
Ranged to-hit: Low

Special Abilities[]

Class Abilities[]

  • Weaponsmiths are more likely to succeed at Smithing tasks than PCs of other classes.
  • Weaponsmiths start the game with an anvil in their inventory, allowing immediate access to Smithing as soon as a forge is found.
  • Heir gift is a wicked.. mithril warhammer of typical stats (+0, 2d6+3).

Class Powers[]

  • Level 6: Can melt all metal items into ingots of their respective type (iron items to iron ingots, mithril items into mithril ingots, etc.). Melting can only be performed at a forge. Melting multiple items in one go results in ingots with a B/U/C status matching that of the lowest B/U/C status of the items melted. A blessed Scroll of uncursing can convert your cursed items to uncursed, though it is still advised to melt down the blessed items by separate from the uncursed batch as ingot status plays a part in smithing success.
  • Level 12: Smithing is performed four times faster.
  • Level 18: A +4 bonus to Strength attribute.
  • Level 25: Automatically identify item material if the item in question is metallic.
  • Level 32: Permanent immunity to fire.
  • Level 40: A +8 bonus to Toughness attribute.
  • Level 50: Automatically identify damage of unidentified melee weapons.

Starting Gear[]

All Weaponsmiths start with

Race specific gear[]

Human Troll High Elf Grey Elf Dark Elf
Dwarf Gnome Hurthling Orc Drakeling
Mist Elf Ratling