The Water Dragon Cave is a hidden location that can be found randomly by "s"earching any water square on the map - usually only a few attempts are required. It cannot be discovered while the PC is levitating. The cave is special in that it's completely underwater. It is the hoarding place of a powerful water dragon - be wary.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
D Shyssiryxius Blup's long-lost mom.

The Water Dragon Cave is entirely underwater, so some form of water breathing or ring(s) of the fish are advisable if the PC wishes to spend more than a few turns there. The swimming skill will extend the PC's life expectancy somewhat. The watery nature of the cave naturally also means that iron items will rust, and scrolls and books will be destroyed at a frustrating rate if the PC does not have a waterproof blanket. Also, fire damage is greatly reduced.

The main reason to visit the Water Dragon Cave is to access the central room, which is home to Shyssiryxius, the great water dragon, as well as her vast treasury. Talking to Shyssiryxius will allow the PC to complete Find Blup's Mom and (eventually) gain the powerful rune-covered trident. Items on the ground cannot be picked up while the she is on the level, and attempting to pick them up will cause her to teleport next to the PC and attack.


Note that Shyssiryxius, Dragon turtles, Giant dragon turtles, and Greater water elementals all have powerful water breath attacks that can do several hundred points of damage. Having water breathing reduces this damage. None of these monsters can see in darkness, and only the dragon can see invisible.


Visiting the Water Dragon Cave is necessary to complete Find Blup's Mom.