Wand of paralyzation ( \ )
Item Type Wand
Artifact? No
Weight 3s
Danger Level 2
Material Wood

Wands of paralyzation are wands that, when "z"apped, allow the PC to fire a beam in one of the eight directions. This beam will paralyze a monster (if effective on it), allowing the PC to either hit them without retaliation or flee. Non-immune, non-magic-resistant monsters have around a 30% chance to resist.

Note that the beam bounces off walls, and can also be aimed at the PC. If the PC is paralyzation resistant, bouncing can be used safely under certain circumstances to hit an enemy twice with one beam, and thus double the chances of success per use. If the PC is not paralyzation resistant, however, be very careful when doing that (though a character with at least a decent Toughness score should usually resist paralyzation rays[1]).

Most (if not all) undead/unlife beings are immune to paralyzation (though monsters that are resistant still gave the message '<foo> is paralyzed!' when hit by a beam in versions prior to 1.2.0).

This wand has a range of 4/2/1 for B/U/C respectively. Additional 1 range is added for each 10 character levels.


They are highly useful — a lot of powerful enemies in the game are not immune to paralyzation. Successfully disabling them will allow the PC to use available means of offense without the usual risk of retaliation (such as using melee attacks against monsters with high damage output).

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

They can be obtained in the same manner as all generic loot.

Greater Identify information[]

-------------------- blessed wand of paralyzation (6 charges)------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d2 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d2
points of damage.