This dungeon is meant to be an easy location for beginners. It is two keystrokes away from the starting position (1SW, 1W).

The entrance is labeled as an unassuming cave, but if the PC dies here the game summary will say (s)he died "in an unremarkable cave" (note the difference from Unremarkable Dungeon). Once entered, it displays the message "You enter a rather unremarkable cave complex. An easy wind is going and you feel that life is rife with new experiences to make!"

The dungeon has two different forms. If the game is started in tutorial mode, or if the game is started otherwise but 3 or less characters deaths have been recorded for the player, it comes as one level with a number of features listed below. Outside of tutorial mode, with more than 3 character deaths it is generated as 3 level dungeon seemingly similar to Village dungeon (where the only dungeon features are altars and tension rooms).

Main Features[]

Tutorial mode only:


A special cache with a wand of cold, a long bow, and 40 arrows (SE part after entering tunnel), a river, a random trap in the tunnels after the river, a secret door circumventing the trap, and a room full of goblins in the western part. It is possible to exit to surface on the western side after crossing the tunnels.

New players might want to grab the items since having an attack wand and ammunition with a long bow can increase survivability.


Tutorial mode only (3 level version features random monsters of low DL):


None, but the tutorial indicates to go there.