The Unreal Cave system is a seven level cave system that can be accessed via a second downward staircase on D:46 or D:47 in the Caverns of Chaos. It is a very high danger level area, home to the game's most dangerous monsters and a vicious corruption rate. All PCs are required to enter the Unreal Cave system in order to access the Mana Temple on the lowest level.

Main Features[]

Blue Dragon Caves

The Blue Dragon Caves are a separate sub-branch of the Unreal Cave system accessible from UL:4. The entry to the caves will be obviously marked by the presence of Sharad-Waador, the Ancient karmic wyrm, guarding the staircase. In 1.1.1, Sharad-Waador could not see invisible, and made an attractive target for PCs looking to earn a large amount of experience with minimal hassle.

Mana Temple

On the lowest level of the Unreal Cave system is the Mana Temple, designed as MT on the map screen. This dangerous area is home to the Chaos Archmage and his minions, and must be completed in order to finish the game.

Other Dungeon Features

The Unreal Cave system can feature most standard dungeon features such as tension rooms, forges, herbs, shops, etc. Due to the high corruption rate of this area and the relative strength of PCs visiting, most of these features are of little interest at this point in the game. Vaults and greater vaults cannot be generated in this area.


  • Sharad-Waador, the ancient karmic wyrm, located on UL:4
  • Various high DL monsters of all types.


Sharad-Waador's quest is available for PCs who talk to him on the staircase that he is guarding. Note that accepting the quest will mean that the PC must immediately descend and complete the quest, or the quest will fail and Sharad-Waador will become hostile.