Last month of spring in Ancardia. In every new game of ADOM the player character arrives at Drakalor Chain in Unicorn.


Grace, Beauty, Purity, Innocence, Dignity


Harder to corrupt by Chaos effects, hard to change to a different alignment once lawful, +2 to initial Appearance

Bonus evaluation[]

Harder to corrupt by Chaos effects[]

This effect decreases corruption gained by 10% and works only if the PC is lawful.

Unicorn bonus stacks with other corruption-reducing sources, such as extreme lawful alignment (L+), and various class powers. Test results for Chaos Orb usage show that equipping elemental gauntlets, having L+ alignment and being born under Unicorn star sign give the cumulative corruption reduction of approximately 70%.

Hard to change to a different alignment once lawful[]

All negative alignment changes for lawful PCs are reduced (some data indicate a 20% reduction). Due to a bug Unicorn star sign actually increased negative changes (by 10%) in versions prior to 1.2.0.

+2 to initial Appearance[]

Appearance slightly reduces shop prices for female characters as well as has an impact on Smithing skill price when learning from Glod. Apart from these rather insignificant effects, Appearance is involved in resisting corruption, therefore making this particular bonus of mild importance.


This star sign seems to be designed for characters aspiring to be lawful champions and possibly those attempting an ultra ending. It should be noted, however, that corruption-reducing effects of lawful alignment are more than enough to complete an ultra ending (and, obviously a normal ending), eliminating the overall advantage of most of the star sign bonuses.