An ultra ending is a very specific and hard type of victory in ADOM. It could also be considered the best, since the player literally turns into a divine ruler for eternity, instead of only becoming a mortal ruler on a non-corrupted normal victory, or merely saving the world, or being deposed after a couple of centuries as in the Ordinary chaos god ending.

It also forces the player to go through some additional locations which are not needed for a normal ending.


Overall, achieving an ultra ending requires characters to go through a certain chain of events.

First kill[]

Although not essential, this one defines how deep the character needs to go in the Filk Quest. Note that this directly conflicts with the ease of satisfying the Courage Quest. See first kill for details. Many adventurers seeking an ultra ending will ignore the courage quest.


The first essential step is saving Khelavaster, the dying sage, by giving him an amulet of life saving prior to talking to him. Amulets of life saving are very rare, and the dying sage blocks quite a good chunk of the CoC (essentially between D:16 and Wall of Flames), narrowing the area that can be searched for an amulet. Players can use loot generation methods to improve their chances of obtaining an amulet.

Gaab'Baay and the Trident[]

Later on, the player must complete the demented ratling's quest and then Gaab'Baay's Quests; the Ratling, upon being given his sixth artifact, will reveal the location of the Ancient Stone Circle, where the Crown of Chaos may be won. Gaab'Baay, upon being given five rather rare items, grants the Medal of Chaos. Both items are necessary to enter the Chaos Gate and survive. Mostly, these are not a big problem per se, but they require some chaotic alignment. This is a delay on crowning for Avatars of balance and a major problem for future Avatars of order, as getting high level characters from C- to L+ is rather problematic. Look at Gaab'Baay's Quests and changing alignment for further details.

Further on, the character should proceed to actually getting the crown of chaos from the Ancient Stone Circle and finalize Obtaining the Trident of the Red Rooster as recommended in corresponding sections. Keep in mind that a prospective Ultimate Chaos God must not get crowned until after receiving the Trident of the Red Rooster.

One might also get crowned accidentally. An NL character who first sacrificed 35 blessed stomafillia herbs and about 70 uncursed ones was at N+ and absolutely close before praying. Initially, his piety was at "inner peace" level. He was at level 16, and the si was the only artifact that had been created. After praying, only the normal crowning message was displayed, yet the character received two artifacts. The character was at N= after praying. So too high piety can have undesired consequences.

Entering the Chaos Gate[]

With crown, medal, and trident, the character, instead of just closing the chaos gate as in a "normal" victory, must enter the chaos gate. Requirements for entering the gate and not dying in the transition to the chaos plane:

  • No intrinsic of doomed or cursed (although wearing chaos stuff and cursed rings of doom on top is okay),
  • Crown, medal, and trident equipped (the trident may be equipped in either hand),
  • be of extreme alignment [L+, N=, C-] and crowned non-fallen champion
  • Future avatars of balance and ultimate chaos god must be extremely corrupted [up to letter Q in corruption screen] or enter chaos plane as crowned L+ and live through falling from their champion status and manufacturing alignment change in there.

The rest is simple: kill Andor Drakon and ensure that on the turn he was killed you were wielding Trident of the Red Rooster.

Note the difference between an ultra ending and an Ordinary chaos god ending; for an OCG, the player does not need to be wielding the trident, and may instead obtain the Sceptre of Chaos for gaining entry to the chaos plane.

Ultra endings can be completed with any of the three alignments; the player will turn into an Avatar of Order, Avatar of Balance, or Ultimate Chaos God respectively.