Location Antediluvian Jungle
Monster type Animal
Alignment Neutral
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? No
1.1.1 KPL N/A

Tyrannosauruses appear as lone monsters in the Antediluvian Jungle.

Special abilities[]

  • Can temporarily boost speed by 150

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 18, PV: 6, Hits: 150, Attacks: 1, Damage: 24-54. Speed: 90.

Corpse effects[]

Chance to increase Strength by 1, or potential Strength by 1 if Strength is at potential. The increase is less likely the higher Strength is, with less than a 10% chance of working once Strength is 31 or higher. Cannot increase Strength higher than 61.

Monster memory[]

A giant bipedal lizard with tiny forearms and a huge maw filled with deadly teeth. It is larger than a house and constantly seems to be sniffing the air. The earth shakes like thunder when this terrible lizard moves.