Two-handed sword
of parrying
( ( )
Item Type Melee weapon
Artifact? No
Weight 100s
Danger Level 12
Material Iron

Two-handed sword of parrying is a special, 'naturally-suffixed' type of weapon in ADOM. They have the same damage stats and unidentified form as regular iron two-handed swords, though they also boost the PC's DV by 16 whilst wielded.


A bit tricky to assess. They certainly seem to offer a very nice compromise between offense and defense, though in most situations a well trained shield can offer much more DV. A shield can also be paired with many one-handed weapons that are more powerful than a two-handed sword of parrying, especially those with good generic prefixes/suffixes. Due to the rarity of two-handed swords of parrying, PCs usually have the chance to accumulate a *lot* of shield skill marks before they can even find a sword of parrying. They seem to be mainly just attractive to PCs that practice solely with weapons in the Twohanded weapons class, for switching from 'glass cannon' tactics to more defense.

Note that whether it is intentional or not, two-handed swords of parrying can sometimes be generated along with other out-of-depth two-handers when the Small Cave is created. It is definitely worth holding on to and practicing with one if it is found that early.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

Two-handed swords of parrying can be randomly generated by the same means as all other generic loot, albeit rarely. Darkforge and the Small Cave appear to often spawn two-handed swords of various danger levels, though rarely two-handed swords of parrying.

Greater Identify information[]

------------ uncursed two-handed sword of parrying (+3, 3d5+3) [+16, +0]-----------

When wielded it modifies DV by +16 and PV by +0.
When used in melee combat it grants a +3 bonus to hit and causes 3d5+3 points
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a -8 bonus to hit and causes 2d4+2
points of damage.

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.