This article is about the star sign.
For information about how to use trees found growing in Ancardia, see: hatchet, log, bridge building, or fletchery

Tree is a star sign in ADOM. It is the final month of the Ancardian calendar.


Tradition, Inflexibility


It's generally hard to change alignment, +5 to initial Willpower, +2 to Toughness, +1 to PV


The impact of alignment changes are reduced by 10%[1], like wearing a less powerful amulet of balance. This could have positive and negative effects for PCs — it is harder for champions to fall, but also harder for PCs to reach extreme alignment in the first place or change their ways (especially in the case of PCs that start chaotic, as becoming a champion of balance is less dangerous than becoming a champion of chaos). It certainly does not make life easy for a Chaos Knight that wants to find redemption.

The +5 Willpower boost is very attractive to Mindcrafters, and other spellcasters that want to increase the range (and thus effectiveness) of their magic such as Wizards.

As of ADOM v. 1.2.0[2], the bonuses of the star sign have been expanded to include 2 extra Toughness points and one extra PV point.


Very good for Mindcrafters and magic-oriented PCs in general. Also respectable for any PC looking for a slightly easier early game, although Candle is likely superior.