Adom TrapRoom

This room doesn't look safe...


When the player or a monster walks onto a square containing an undiscovered trap, it will be set off and either the player will dodge it or will suffer some form of damage or hindrance. The exact effects of each trap can be found in the trap types section. If a PC at non-critical health triggers a damaging trap that would have killed them, they are instead reduced to 1 HP, stunned and/or confused for a short time, and suffer an increased chance of item destruction from the trap. Doomed PCs do not receive this protection.

Once discovered, a trap will be shown on the map and will become much easier to avoid in future. Note that it is possible to deliberately set off a trap the player is standing on by pressing Ctrl-T. This is very useful with teleportation traps once the player has some form of Teleport control.

The player may create traps using a wand of trap creation. A pit trap can be created by applying a pick axe or casting a digging spell and pressing '5' or '.'. A pit can be covered using a blanket; although in versions of ADOM prior to 1.2.0, this would actually transform the pit into a different type of trap depending on the trap table. The fixing of the trap transforming bug during 1.2.0 development also resulted in the 'trap table' system being removed.[1]

Kobold trapmasters and Trapsters are also capable of creating traps.

PCs with highly trained Alertness will sometimes discover a trap without activating it. PCs with the Detect traps skill can use it to find traps, although it must be employed actively and thus is generally impractical outside of known, heavily-trapped areas.

Trap types[]

Floor traps[]

There are 12 types of floor trap in ADOM. See the picture on the top right for an example room of traps. 'Message' refers to the level message when a monster triggers a trap somewhere on the level.

Type Color Description Message
Light trap Yellow Will blind the player when activated. You hear a strange 'ZAP!'
Corruption trap Purple Corrupts the player when activated. Monsters exposed repeatedly will eventually transform into chaos creatures — some turn into writhing masses of primal chaos, others into chaotic equivalents of their former selves (e.g. rats turn into chaos rats).

You sense a soul in agony.


You suddenly sense taint in your vicinity.

Stone block trap Gray A stone block lands on the players head, dealing damage. Chance of a stack of rocks being created. Disappears once triggered. You hear the sound of toppling stones.
Alarm trap Orange Makes every uncaring monster within 10 spaces hostile. If a monster triggers it, other hostile monsters will attack it. You hear a squeaking sound.
Arrow trap White An arrow hits the player, dealing damage. Chance of an arrow being created. Will eventually run out of arrows and disappear. You hear a pained -sound- in the distance.
Acid trap Green Damages the player and damages his equipment. Eventually runs out and disappears. You hear a splashing sound. (Note the similarity to the message for a pool on the level)
Viper pit Cyan/brown A number of pit vipers are created, and the player falls in a pit. When unopened, this trap is cyan, when the pit has been revealed it becomes brown.
Spear trap Brown A spear hits the player, dealing damage. Large chance of a spear being created. Will eventually run out of spears and disappear. You hear a pained -sound- in the distance.
Teleportation trap Light green Teleports the player to a random spot on the level, unless the player has Teleport control.
Ceiling trap (occurs in lieu of teleportation trap when level forbids teleporting ) Dark blue Part of the ceiling collapses, dealing significant damage to PC and their equipment. Item destruction affects the same types of items as a collapsing door, except it seems to carry a greater chance of destruction.
Water trap Blue Drenches the player in water, possibly destroying inventory items made of paper and rusting iron equipment/items. Does not run out. You hear the sound of rushing water.
Fireball trap Red Creates a fireball, damaging the player and any other nearby monsters. Also causes equipment damage. Limited number of activations before disappearing (1d10 or less [needs testing]). You hear a thundering explosion.
Empty pit trap Cyan/Brown The player falls into a pit, and takes 3-18 damage. When unopened, this trap is cyan, when the pit has been revealed it becomes brown. A brown pit can be covered with a blanket and disarmed thereafter.

Door traps[]

Certain types of traps may also appear in locked doors, which are set off if the door is smashed (by the PC or another monster) or sometimes if the PC just attempts to open the door. As with floor traps, they can be discovered (and thus more easily avoided) using the Detect Traps skill.

Types of door traps can be found on the Locked Doors page.