The Tower of Eternal Flames is a dangerous location in the middle-left region of the map, not far from the CoC and Darkforge. It consists of four levels, with the top level containing the Ancient Chaos Wyrm, guardian of the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire. Many players consider the Tower one of the most difficult areas in the game, and agonize over appropriate equipment and strategies to assault the Tower.

Main Features[]

The most important feature of the Tower is its singularly nasty environment: namely, that the air in the Tower is extremely hot and will damage the PC on every turn unless appropriate protection is worn--specifically, multiple counts of fire resistance are needed to counteract the searing heat. With no resistance, the PC will suffer 10 damage every turn; with a single resistance, 2 damage will be taken every turn. With 2, one damage will be every turn, with 3, one damage will be every other turn. With four or more resistances or fire immunity, the player will not suffer damage from the heat. If the player has the Immune to Pain talent, two resistances are enough. Two counts of fire resistance are counted from intrinsic fire resistance (such as that attained from eating a corpse), while two others must be found from items. Due to their extreme metabolism, drakelings or PCs with the Cold blood corruption will take damage even if they have 4 counts of fire resistance or fire immunity, but gain huge amounts of speed (300+) over time in exchange which will give them 3 or 4 actions before enemies can move.

Companions and friendly monsters without fire immunity will also take damage. For the first three levels, this is 10 damage per turn; for the final level, this is 60 + (5 * PV) damage per turn.

Additionally, the fiery heat will damage items carried by the PC. Fireproof blankets provide complete protection to items in the backpack, but only worn equipment that are Artifacts or made of Mithril or higher metals will survive the intense heat. Rings of Ice provide some protection for carried items, both worn and in the backpack. However, even if the PC is wearing 2 blessed rings of ice, items susceptible to fire damage will eventually be destroyed if not carried in the backpack and protected by a fireproof blanket. It is therefore recommended to only wear items not susceptible to fire damage.

The first three floors of the Tower are random, although most dungeon features cannot be found there: of particular importance, altars may be found on some occasions. Tension rooms are also found occasionally, and these may consist of any monster of appropriate danger level--reports of bewildered players finding a tension room of frost giants in the Tower surface occasionally, for example. Any inhabitants of tension rooms will be immune to Tower's fiery environment.

Symbol Name Notes
W Ancient Chaos Wyrm Guards the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire, and sits on top of a chaotic altar.
& Fire demon Minion monster.
D Fire drake Minion monster.
x Fire grue Minion monster.
E Fire elemental Minion monster.
C Chaos servant Minion monster.

The Temple is located on the fourth level of the Tower, and must be breached by digging. If the player is sufficiently pious (very close to deity, generally) a pick axe may be prayed for if the player has no other means of digging. The temple is filled with fire elementals, chaos servants, fire grues, and fire drakes. The Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire is itself guarded by the Ancient Chaos Wyrm who sits on a chaotic altar in the center of the temple. The Ancient Chaos Wyrm is a very dangerous opponent with multiple actions per turn, capable of casting non-elemental energy rays which can deal over 100 damage (up to 128 under normal circumstances), breathing fire (for which a PC should be prepared at this point, though), attacking with a corrupting melee attack, and confusing the player. Unlike most other creatures in the Tower, it is not particularly vulnerable to cold and can see invisible and in darkness, but other types of disruption such as blindness, confusion, and stun rays are known to be effective on it.



None; however, it is necessary to complete the Tower to obtain the Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire, without which it is impossible to pass the Wall of Flames.