Torch ( ] )
Item Type Tool
Artifact? No
Weight 10s
Danger Level 1
Material Wooden

Torches are used to light up the area surrounding the player. To be used, they must be first equipped then, lit. They cannot be lit unless the player has both a Tinderbox and Box with flint and steel in their inventory, or alternatively it is possible to light a torch off an already lit one. Note that firemaking equipment has charges, so torches should not be relit too frequently.

If a torch is wielded and another worn in the tool slot, they stack to create an even greater line of sight. Each torch usually adds three to four squares of visibility radius in dungeon areas. If a lit torch is already available, lighting a new torch does not require firemaking equipment or consume charges from it.

In addition to the natural melee damage rating of 1d4, a lit torch will deal 1d4 fire damage. In 1.1.1, these are two separate sources of damage and both are modified by the monster's PV. In 1.2.x, PV is subtracted just once.

Desirability[edit source]

They are useful when in dark areas, whether natural or magically made. As a weapon, lit torches don't fare too badly, but aren't great either. Still they beat healer's scalpels for first kills if they are lucky to be of a race which starts with torches, although as torches are "improvised" weapons it is impossible to true berserk with one, a tactic which is usually advised for healers at the start of the game due to little starting armor. They are also helpful for archers with low Perception.

Guaranteed/Common sources[edit source]

They can be generated in the same manner as all generic loot.

Humans, gnomes and hurthlings all start with torches, tinderboxes and flint and steel, as do all Wizards bar dark elven ones.

Greater Identify information[edit source]

--------------------------------- blessed torch--------------------------------

When used in melee combat it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d4 points of
damage. When used as a missile it grants a -4 bonus to hit and causes 1d3
points of damage.

It increases your visibility radius.
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