This page is a list of all tools in ADOM.


Keys are used for locking and unlocking doors. They can be found randomly in the same manner as all generic loot, or bought for the right price from Skriek.

All keys have a danger Level of one, and weigh 1s. There are six types of keys: Hexagonal key, Round key, Small key, Square key, Tiny key and Triangular key.

Smithing items[]

This is a list of all ores, ingots and other smithing-related tools available in the game.

  • Ores are used at a forge to create ingots. They can be obtained as loot or be dug from walls with a pickaxe.
  • Ingots are used at a forge to improve items. As well as being made out from ores, they can also be found as loot.
Name Item Type Weight DL Notes
Iron ore Ore 120s 1 Can be rusted
Mithril ore Ore 110s 1
Adamantium ore Ore 100s 1
Eternium ore Ore 90s 1
Iron ingot Ingot 20s 1
Mithril ingot Ingot 14s 6
Adamantium ingot Ingot 12s 9
Eternium ingot Ingot 8s 12
Anvil Anvil 1000s 1

Artifact tools[]

Name Weight Notes
Chaos Orb of Elemental Air 100s {Dx+10}; summons air elemental pet and grants corruption when used
Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth 100s {To+10}; casts Earthquake and grants corruption when used
Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire 100s {St+10}; casts Fireball and grants corruption when used
Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana 100s {Ma+10}; fully restores PP, permanently increases Mana by 3 and grants corruption when used
Chaos Orb of Elemental Water 100s {Wi+10}; fully restores HP and grants corruption when used
Silver key 1 The silver key is an artifact that can lock/unlock any door.
As of version 1.2.0 of the game it can create doors using PP
Si 10s Replicates with time
Phial of Caladriel 2s Can create light using all PP, blinds humanoid monsters when thrown
Cornucopia 100s Can be zapped to increase satiation, increases Mana by 13, grants Lucky and Fate Smiles
Horn of plenty 40s Can be zapped to create food and water, grants Lucky
Weird fire starter 3s Using it on a dormant volcano after closing the Chaos Gate unlocks the Ultimate Dungeon

Other tools[]

Name Weight DL Notes
Bandage 2s 1 Stops bleeding, may cause sickness
Box with flint and steel 5s 1 Allows the PC to light torches
Climbing set 180s 1 Allows the PC to traverse mountains
Cooking set 100s 1 Allows the PC to cook corpses
Everburning torch 10s 1 Auto-lighting torch that never goes out
Figurine of wondrous power 25s Various Transforms into a monster when used
Fireproof blanket 10s 1 Protects inventory from fire damage
Fletchery set 70s 1 Allows the PC to create ammunition with Fletchery skill
Fluff ball 2s 5 Transforms into several gremlins if in contact with water
Giant boar skull 300s N/A Required for one of Gaab'Baay's Quests
Golden ball 10s N/A Used during the Frog quest
Holy symbol 5s 1 Slightly raises piety when used, can turn undead
Lump of clay 5s 1 Usable as a missile or for Necromancy. Cannot be equipped in tool slot.
Log 800s N/A Used for Bridge Building and Fletchery
Magical writing set 5s 5 Used for creating scrolls
Plain blanket 10s 1 Protects inventory from some damage, can be used for trap creation
Statues various various
Stethoscope 5s 1 Reveals information about monsters
Thieves picks 10s 1 Required for picking locks
Tinderbox 3s 1 Allows the PC to light torches
Torch 10s 1 Lights the area around the player while active
Waterproof blanket 10s 1 Protects inventory from water damage
Wooden stick 30s 1 Used in Fletchery

Misc items[]

There are also several items that, while they aren't tools, they can be used in the tool slot. These include:

Name Weight DL Notes
Spenseweed 2s N/A Restores HP when used
Moss of mareilon 2s N/A Abuses Dexterity if cursed, trains it otherwise
Hatchet 50s 5 Used in Bridge Building and cutting down trees
Pick axe 75s 3 Can be used to dig walls and pits
Hammerhead 90s ? Artifact pickaxe
Whips various allows Self-flagellation
Crystal of darkness 1s 5 Darkens area around the PC when used.
Crystal of light 1s 5 Lights area around the PC when used
Crystal of knowledge 1s 5 Acts as a scroll of magic mapping, may increase Learning (up to approximately 25).
Crystal of power 1s 5 Restores PP, if blessed, increases maximum PP{verify}
Crystal of fire 1s 5 Creates ball of fire when used.
Crystal of health 1s 5 Restores HP, if blessed, increases maximum HP.

Some item DLs and/or stat modifier distribution taken from Anilatx's research.