The Tomb of the High Kings is a six level dungeon located in the northwest corner of the map. Players typically venture to the dungeon in search of the Ring of the High Kings, located on the lowest level, since this is generally the safest method of passing the Eternal Guardian in the lower CoC. A climbing set is required to reach the Tomb, and some way of crossing water is generally required as well.

Main FeaturesEdit

The first two levels of the Tomb of the High Kings are standard random dungeon levels which may contain any typical dungeon features. Floors 3 through 5 are cavernous levels, which typically feature high monster generation and significant empty space. Rivers, altars, and (wall-less) threat rooms may still be generated.

Symbol Name Notes
Z Skeletal King Guards the Ring of the High Kings

The sixth level is a fixed room featuring an unique red lake with a tiny room in the center. The red lake cannot be safely crossed, even with the Swimming skill or water breathing, unless the player has absolutely immense (>1000) health, since chaos piranhas will devour hundreds of health per turn. Consequently, it is necessary to construct a bridge of some kind to safely cross. The conventional method is to build an ice bridge using the Frost Bolt spell or a wand of cold; though it usually wise to drop most of the PC's inventory before crossing it, since if the total weight of the PC's inventory and equipment exceeds 2000s they will usually collapse the ice and fall in the piranha infested lake. Desperate players may also either scour the levels above or use a wand of monster creation or the Summon Monsters spell, hoping for an ogre magus or ice vortex to construct the bridge for them. Another option is to use the Bridge building skill, although many players consider building bridges a tedious and frustrating experience compared to the alternatives.

Later versions of the game add the much more convenient means of using levitating to cross the water safely, or using a Staff of parting water to bridge the lake. Since there are no random monsters generated on this level, waiting for the staff to recharge between uses takes little real-world time using the w-5 command, so it doesn't take much effort to clear a large safe area in the middle of the lake.

The room in the center of the piranha lake contains the skeletal king, who is capable of confusing the player. Confusion may cause the player to stumble off of a flimsy bridge into the lurking piranhas. The skeletal king can walk on water and is immune to the chaos piranhas. In 1.2.0, he can also summon large numbers of skeletal warriors to assist him (in previous versions, he will only do this if lured off the level).

Note that it is not necessary to kill the skeletal king to claim the Ring of the High Kings. The ring is lying on the floor of the room where the skeletal king is first found, so in principle it is possible to lure the king away, grab the ring, and make a hasty retreat. It is also worth noting that unlike the rest of the levels in the TotHK, level 6 is a no-teleport area.


  • Skeletal king on level 6
  • Assorted monsters of appropriate danger level.


None, although players wishing to pass the Eternal Guardian with minimal difficulty will require the Ring of the High Kings.

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