Location Dwarftown
Monster type Humanoid
Alignment Lawful
Unique? Yes
Sees invisible? Yes
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance Very high
Picks up items? Yes
1.1.1 KPL N/A

Thrundarr is the elder of Dwarftown. Uniquely, he will converse with the PC about any named topic that he recognizes.

Three topics are particularly important:

A complete list of conversation topics is provided at the end of the article.

If the player wants to dislodge Thrundarr from the lever that he stands on to open the portal without completing the Portal Quest, then they may use a variety of tactics including killing Thrundarr, Ventriloquism, or teleportation spells (although he is quite resistant). Some of these actions may make Thrundarr hostile and cause future quests from him to be lost. The displace command won't work on him, even if the PC is a Monk or Beastfighter.

Kherab's second quest is to kill Thrundarr. Thrundarr is not a terribly powerful opponent, but has immense PV. Penetrating weapons or spells are necessary to kill him.

Note: there are some known crash bugs associated with Thrundarr in some older versions of ADOM. Players using crash-prone versions of the game may wish to take appropriate precautions before talking with him.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 10, PV: 100, Hits: 3, Attacks: 1, Damage: 12-30, Speed: 100.

Corpse effects[]

In the rare event where Thrundarr leaves his corpse, eating it will increase the PC's PP but also curse him/her.

Monster memory[]

As the ruler of the dwarven city, he is noble, just, and kind-hearted. His wrinkled face and mysterious eyes indicate that he has seen it all, and perhaps a little bit more. He offers his friendly hand to you, and smiles, thinking that you are indeed the one the prophecies told of.

Talking to Thrundarr[]

Thrundarr is the only NPC in the game who you can type messages to, enabling the player to ask about a wide variety of subjects. A list of things you can ask about, along with his reply, can be found below.

  • Note that players who have closed the chaos gate and won the game cannot talk to Thrundarr, receiving the message "Go home... quick, girl!" or "Go home... quick, lad!" when they attempt to chat.
  • Also, when a corrupted PC talks to him he will repeat the the first five letters of the player's input in cHaOs CaSe and remark that the PC is talking strangely. This reveals that only strings up to 5 characters long are actually processed in determining Thundarr's response to a topic — meaning that the game must guess what the intended query is if the player's input is more than 5 chars long (for example, if asked about "eternium" he will instead talk about the eternal guardian).

Subject(s) Reply
Hello "Well met, valiant adventurer. Hast ye come to ask for quests?"
Portal See the Portal Quest page for details on this.
Quests See Thrundarr's Quests for details on this.
Glod or Smith "Glod is as fine a weaponsmith as they come-- perhaps he couldst teach ye a thing or two."
Grizzled gladiator "I would'na listen to the tales of a drunkard such as he, but mayhaps he could still show ye a few tricks from his fighting days."
Waldenbrook "If ye need supplies for your expeditions, Waldenbrook has quite a well stocked shop."
Garth "Garth hast helped many a dwarven warrior train their body to its physical limits, save for the use of magic."
Torgall "If ye want some spirits, go see Torgall at the Green Griffon. His ales could slake a red wyrm's thirst."
Groron "Groron Garman was one of the mightiest champions to ever live amongst our people. A mighty warrior, a great scout and a fine dwarf. He always adventured together with his companion, Gorko Galgenstrick, a dwarven king of some reknown. Groron is most famous for his discovery of the legendary si artifact."
Gorko "Gorko Galgenstrick... yes, he wuzz a great dwarven king in long gone ages. He managed to uncover the legendary axe of dwarven emperors, which allowed him to achieve a position of fame and fortune. His early adventures are lost, but he for sure was a mighty warrior and accomplished scout. His best friend was Groron Garman, another mighty hero of our people."
Si "Yeah, the legendary si... an item of great power... most probably. The legendary dwarven champion Groron Garman discovered it and carried it for a long time. Legend has it that he never told anyone about the secret powers of this mighty item. It now seems to be lost."
Khelavaster or sage "Oh, ya mean that crazy old wizard who came through here a while back? Kept babbling about chaos and orbs then one day he ran off down a tunnel...'twas right 'bout the chaos critters tho."
Rolf "Oh ya, Rolf was one of da mightiest dwarves that ever lived. He is the ancient forefather of our people and founded a huge underground empire many millenia ago. It is said, that he ist still roaming the world in search of adventure. A truly mighty warrior he was and brave like nobody else. The forces of evil trembled at the mere mention of his name."

Some ancient dwarves still are around, even amongst me friends. Find 'em and learn more from them about those times.

Caladriel "Caladriel was an ugly troll witch. Very powerful and very nasty. Karmic beings killed her when she tried to explore the powers of a new item devised by her while wandering through some dark tunnels."
Phial "Aye, the phial of Caladriel. A powerful artifact 'tis, which will help in yer darkest moments. But there is a price."
King "Once all men were ruled by a just high king. A noble man he was, but he died long ago and his kin fought for the throne. They all perished in dose bloody wars. Da high king wuz buried on a hidden island."
Griff "Griff Bloodax was a mighty warrior who fought chaos and the legions of undead valiantly till they overwhelmed him and dragged him down."
Banshee "Aye, a truly horrible beast ye mention. Once she wuzz an evil elven witch. A mighty dwarven hero killed her many centuries ago, but she returned from hell. Now she guards one of the deeper levels. Ye should see to it, that yer ears are plugged, when ye encounter her."
Eternal guardian "Yeah, that eternal guardian is a truly strange warrior. The last bodyguard of the ancient High Kings he is. Has been guarding da stairway since the last High King was buried in the mountains to the north and to the west."
Dwarf or Dwarves "We dwarves are a proud people. Moradin, da Ancient Father, created our ancestors from mithril. We believe in the traditions of our ancestors and try to act honorably. Proud we are, strong we are and valiant we are."
City "Aye, we are proud for what our people have achieved. This city houses many hundreds of dwarves and has been the source of great craftmanship."
Terinyo "It's that human village far above ours, yes. Years ago occasionally a traveller came to visit us, but this stopped some time ago, when folks started to talk about bandit hordes, monster attacks and other such threats."
Axe, Mace or Hammer "Aye, ye had best carry a fine weapon with ye if ye are venturing further below."
Corruption "Some of our warriors were transformed into being of pure chaos when they were exposed to a strange type of trap. Obviously the chaos powers corrupt thy being and slowly transform you into a horrible monster!"
Chaos "Yeah, the powers of Chaos try to invade our world. They use very strange magics to alter reality itself. If you come too close to Chaos you also might be altered!"
Orc "Aye, the vile creatures breed like rabbits and fight like rabid dogs. We and they are ancient enemies."

If the player is an Orc, he adds the following: "No offense meant, for I can see that ye hast risen above yer lot."

Ogre Same as message for 'orcs'; except of course, he won't apologize to Orcish PCs.
Gold "Tis many a dwarf that would risk his life for a heap o' gold. Why, hast ye found some?"
Fire "Oh yeah, fire's a fickle element. Hot'n destructive if ye aren't prepared. Irony (and legend) has it that a means to get past pretty hot flames is hidden in a location filled with the very same."
Mithril "Mithril is da purest of metals. Dwarven steel. Found rarely in precious veins deep under the mountains. It is very light and weapons forged from it are particularly strong. It's coveted by dwarves as a precious material and sign of great wealth."
Adamantium "Star metal. It's been taken from rocks falling from the skies. So it must be ze bones of da stars. Even sharper and lighter than our beloved mithril and unbelievably hard."
Truesilver "Some think that Truesilver is just another name of mithril. Bumbling fools. Truesilver is antediluvian mithril... the very purest of mithril, forged under the light of the full moon on anvils located on the highest mountain tops, the metallic fibres intertwined with the rays of the moon itself. Truesilver is unbelievably light and very strong. Sadly our race has lost the secret of creating Truesilver and items forged from it are exceptionally rare as most of them have been lost in past millennia."
Unpick axe "Aye, a glorious artifact from days long gone. Legends have it that you can use the mighty unpick to either destroy or create. "A single rock can be used to unpick reality and weave mighty walls" is an ancient saying amongst our people - although the precise meaning has been lost to time..."