In-game description "You have grown thorns."
Message when acquired "Suddenly thorns grow from your hands!"
Message when removed "The thorns in your hands suddenly retard and disappear!"
Attribute changes -2 Dexterity, -3 Appearance
Other effects Replaces base 1d3 barehanded damage with 3d3.
Causes minor damage when acquired.

Thorns is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It increases the base damage of barehanded attacks.


This is not extra melee damage. It actually replaces the 1d3 die roll for normal unarmed attacks. It is also rumored to inflict bleeding on monsters more often. Monks and Beastfighters get no benefit at all. In most cases, other classes should not fight unarmed, since the damage output and other benefits of most weapons outweigh the damage bonus from this corruption. Thorns do give a good boost to Necromancers' Shadow Touch, which can be used on weaker monsters after tough fights. The damage inflicted on the PC when the thorns first grow (3d3) can be lethal if the PC already has very low HP.

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