Basic info[]

Thomas Biskup (born July 2, 1971) is a German software engineer and computer scientist. He is the creator and developer of Ancient Domains of Mystery, a roguelike video game.

Biskup is currently CEO of the German Software firm QuinScape.

From readme.1st:

IV.C. Who is Thomas Biskup?

  Just some mortal ;-)  I was born in 1971, am living in Germany and am
  a Computer Scientist.  I like reading, cinema, good books and Internet.
  I love developing ADOM.  I also enjoy pen & paper roleplaying games and
  I enjoy collecting postcards from all over the world (see section
  I.C). And if you look around a bit on Internet you even might find a
  photo of me...

Interviews and presentations[]


Roguelike Radio

Videogametourism (in German)

Roguelike celebration

ePractice not Adom related (openSAGA initiative)[1]

In-game references[]


If a player wishes for "Thomas Biskup", the game produces message '"*Thou shalt not mock the Creator*!"'.

Monster memory[]

Using the monster memory to look up "Thomas Biskup" will provide the following description (as well as a unique graphic tile):

A man of average build and pale complexion with clear blue eyes. This person is dressed in dark robes, obviously in an attempt to appear more mysterious. He seems to prefer to remain silently in the background, although he occasionally is fuelled by burning desires which make him work frantically on various projects and masterplans in an attempt to rule the world. In such moments this creature is impossible to stop by any known forces in the world of Ancardia (except for some strange kind of insectoid race, simply called the 'bugs'). When confronted with opposition he usually relies on a Blade of Cynicism, dipped into oil of stubbornness.
He can hit to steal time, hit to slow work, and hit to drain strength and dexterity. He also is known to drain life and confuse others. The latter power occasionally seems to fail so that he gets confused himself.


Asking Thrundarr about "Gorko" will provide a short description of a legendary dwarven hero Gorko Galgenstrick, which is a direct reference to Biskup's AD&D character which he played in early youth (according to ADOM Fluff FAQ).

Postcard quest[]

One way to show you appreciate the game is to send a postcard. After all, the game still has free version.