In-game description "You have become extremely thin and nimble."
Message when acquired "Suddenly your body becomes extremely lean and your reflexes speed up!"
Message when removed "Your body becomes thicker and you assume your usual shape!
Your reflexes slow down once more."
Attribute changes +6 DV
Other effects Increases hunger rate, halves character's weight.
Required to enter the Quickling Tree.

Thin and nimble is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It increases the PC's evasion rate by granting a minor DV bonus.


An undocumented feature of this corruption is that it noticeably increases the PC's hunger rate. Though extra food consumption can be frustrating especially for trolls, most PCs are able to acquire a reliable food source before getting their first corruption. Thus, this corruption is almost universally beneficial thanks to the 6 extra DV. Chaos Knights who begin with this corruption are a major exception, and must make food acquisition an immediate priority, especially if they are also trollish.

This corruption is required in order to enter the Quickling Tree. Races other than Hurthling and Mist elf will also need the Very light corruption.

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