This page is a list of terrain tiles existing in ADOM.


The dungeon floor (also known as tunnel) is where the most events in the game happen. It can support various dungeon features such as traps, doors, herbs, pools, altars, forges, statues and so on.


Some walls can be dug with a pick axe of magical means, thus becoming floor. Some are only susceptible to Wand of destruction (most notably shop walls) and some are completely indestructible.

Walls may be created in place of floor, grass, ice, or bridge (but not water per se) using the unpick axe.


The main terrain type in the wilderness and also some special location. Depending on the wilderness type, may also contain trees (forest), swamp tiles, water (also on swamp), rough (hills and mountains) and rocky (only mountains).

Can support pits but not other types of traps. A herb can be planted on such tile but will not proliferate.

Some special locations (Ancient Stone Circle, Rolf's fortress, villages) contain both grass and floor tiles.


Traversable by player who might take drowning damage unless they have Water breathing but not by most monsters. May be covered with ice or bridged.

An icy patch[]

Ice is created by freezing a water tile with cold spells or an appropriate elemental attack from monsters.

The ice may break if the player is carrying over 2000 stones (3000 for the Ice Queen Domain). It can also be broken with a pick axe or melted with fire spells. Weight check will be omitted if the player swaps with a monster. Monsters never break ice, even if they wear a Moloch armor.


Mostly exists inside the volcano but can also be created with the Staff of minor volcano summoning.