In-game description "Your mouth has turned into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles."
Message when acquired "Your mouth collapses into a writhing mass of prehensile tentacles!"
Message when removed "Your mouth returns to normal."
Attribute changes -15 Appearance, +6 Dexterity
Other effects Often causes speech-related commands to fail

Tentacle mouth is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. While in effect it introduces a significant chance for spellcasting, 'c'hatting and ventriloquism to fail. The failure rate depends on Willpower, ranging from 95% at 1 Willpower to 33% at 99. There are serious diminishing returns after 50 Willpower, where the failure rate is around 45%.


Great gain in Dexterity, but a huge loss in Appearance. Since Appearance determines the PC's resistance to corruption (as of v.1.2.0 prerelease 21), the latter means that the PC can be corrupted much more easily after getting this, which can be especially troublesome if this is one of the first corruptions the PC gets.

Perhaps the most serious effect of the corruption is its effect on spellcasting—attempting to cast a spell can cause it fail and waste a turn. Characters wishing to cast spells will need to remove this immediately. Trying to chat with NPCs also fails very frequently, but can be done with enough persistence and is usually not a major problem anyway. This corruption seems to prevent the PC from getting the Weird tome from the Ghost librarian even if speaking succeeds on the first try.

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