Teleport control is an intrinsic that allows the player to choose the destination of a PC's teleports.

It works whether the cause of the teleportation is involuntary, such as when a player has teleportitis or triggers a teleport trap, or when the teleportation is deliberate, such as when zapping a wand of teleportation or casting the Teleportation spell at the PC's current location.

Mindcrafters always get teleport control at experience level one.

Others can gain teleport control by eating the right corpse (blink dog), randomly when drinking from pools ("you feel like jumping around"), or by wearing certain items (amulet/ring of teleport control).

One method to guaranteeing the intrinsic for the PC is to stair hop in the Infinite Dungeon between I3 and I4 until blink dogs are generated. Kill and eat the blink dogs until the intrinsic is granted.

There is a guaranteed wand of teleportation in the VDDL level of the Assassins' Guild. The wand, together with Potions of Booze, then provide on-demand teleportation.

Teleport uses[]

The importance of both achieving teleport control and securing a reliable means of teleportation can't be understated. Using the two together provides the player with a variety of interesting and valuable new play styles.

For instance, players able to teleport can use the ability to instantly escape dangerous encounters. This can give players facing an otherwise fatal situation respite.

Prior to ADOM version 1.2.0, skirting combat through controlled teleportation allowed under-prepared PCs the option of raiding the item caches in Darkforge dungeon early. As of Version 1.2.0, however, teleport control has a high chance of failure in Darkforge.

In ADOM, there are some locations that can only be accessed through teleportation. This includes the dwarven mystic, a Dwarftown NPC occupying a sealed, 2x2 room who, when 'C'hatted to, may reward the player.