A teleport is an effect that instantly moves a character to another empty square in the dungeon.

A teleport can occur from uses of Teleportation spell or Teleport Self Mindcraft power, scrolls or wands of teleportation, as a result of the teleportitis condition (via the intrinsic or corruption effect), or from a triggered teleportation trap. The more uncommon sources of teleportation for the PC include the effect of a failed attempt to read a spellbook or being the target of a teleportation spell cast by a monster (e.g. a fairy dragon).

Regardless of a teleport's source, all teleports initially have random – and therefore potentially dangerous – destinations.

However, if a PC acquires the intrinsic teleport control, they are given the ability to choose where teleports take them. This means that whenever the PC triggers a teleport (either voluntarily or otherwise), they choose the dungeon location where they'll be deposited. This thereby removes teleport traps' hazard and brings new usefulness to teleportation items.

In ADOM, there are some locations that can only be safely (the unsafe method includes destroying walls using wands of destruction) accessed through teleportation (and, generally speaking, teleport control). These include the dwarven mystic's room and the secret room in the High Mountain Village.

No-teleport areas[]

In a few important areas, teleports are completely disabled.

Players who usually rely on teleportation to escape from battles should take special care in these levels. High movement speed and certain spells such as Darkness or Slow Monster can help in case flight becomes the preferred course of action.

The following locations disallow teleportation of any source: