Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

Affects Tactics modifiers.

Manual info[]

This skill modifies the bonuses and penalties yielded by the 'T' command (see the command list) which influences the fighting techniques of a character. No character starts out with this skill — you'll have to learn it somewhere.


This skill affects positive and negative modifiers from tactics settings, further boosting the former and decreasing the latter. The effect is quite significant, especially on higher skill levels, making it very desirable.

Advanced uses[]



Tactics can be obtained from Bart in exchange for the golden gladius. As initial skill level is influenced by the Learning attribute, it may be helpful to equip/consume Learning-boosting items (e.g. the crown of science, potions of boost learning) before acquiring the skill from Bart.


Fighting on tactics settings other than Normal. Note that it is not very effective and is the only natural way of training this skill; increasing the initial skill level as described above is very important.