Material required? No
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? Yes
Wishable Yes

The Swimming skill governs the PC's ability to cross water safely and efficiently.

Manual info[]

This skill enables you to traverse bodies of water. To fail an attempt to swim can be very deadly nonetheless.


Contrary to the manual, a PC without the Swimming skill can traverse bodies of water - but such PCs will incur damage from each turn spent in water ("You are drowning!") along with a high energy cost per movement. The Swimming skill can mitigate these two issues.

The PC's chance of moving through water without taking any damage ("You easily swim in the water") is determined by their Swimming skill level, although a penalty is applied if the PC is burdened or worse.

PCs with 50+ Swimming only require 1250 energy points to move through water (reduced from 1500).

Advanced uses[]

If the PC is wearing an amulet of free action, they will only require 1000 energy points to move through water regardless of their ability with this skill.

Swimming does not prevent drowning in the Water Dragon Cave.


Race: Human, Drakeling, Ratling. Class: Barbarians, Beastfighters, Druids, Elementalists, Fighters, Paladins, Rangers.

The swimming skill can be obtained by any PC by giving 2 potions (or 1 blessed potion) of carrot juice to Blup.


Swimming is trained by moving through water. In practice, this can be risky due to drowning damage from failed swimming attempts, along with the potential for water damage to any susceptible items in the PC's inventory.