Material required? No
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

The Survival skill helps to prevent the PC from starving in the wilderness, and might affect chance to sneak up on wilderness encounters.

Manual info[]

This skill allows the character to gather food while traveling through the wilderness. It can be very handy since more than one adventurer already starved in the wilderness. The Survival skill also is extremely helpful in ambushing monsters in the wilderness. In that special case it can be supplemented by the Stealth skill.


When used on any square in the wilderness, the PC will attempt to gather food. This usually costs 4 hours, and a seemingly random amount of minutes, of in-game time. If the PC successfully managed to gather food, their satiation will increase by a small amount. The PC's skill level value seems to directly influence their success in finding food.

Advanced uses[]

If the PC uses the skill whilst "bloated", (s)he will pick up a pile of plant seeds or a piece of fish meat. Fish meat can be obtained by applying the skill whilst (swimming) in a river in the wilderness, whereas plant seeds are gained on other squares on the wilderness.

As the manual suggests, along with the Stealth skill the Survival skill might influence the PC's chance of being able to sneak up on wilderness encounters for an ambush.

Level 6 Rangers become very good at surviving in the wilderness; this decreases the time they require to use the skill to 2-3 in-game hours.


Race: Ratling.
Class: Barbarian, Beastfighter, Druid, Farmer, Merchant, Ranger.

Whilst the skill can only be obtained by other races by magical means in game, such races can also start with the skill if they are born under the Falcon sign.


Applying the skill successfully.