In-game description "You exhale sulphur."
Message when acquired "You start to exhale sulphuric clouds!"
Message when removed "Your breath suddenly is normal once more!"
Attribute changes -4 Charisma
Other effects Grants acid spit to non-Drakelings.

Sulphuric breath is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It allows PCs of all races to use the drakeling racial ability of spitting acid.


The ability granted by this corruption is useful as an extra ranged attack, requiring no items or spell knowledge. The satiation cost can be an advantage for a bloated PC who needs to regain speed or urgently eat something like a pepper petal or displacer beast corpse. Definitely beneficial and should not be removed, unless after winning. Purely negative for drakelings, who already have the acid spitting ability, but a slight reduction of charisma is still a very minor downside.

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