Strength of Atlas/Lordly Might
School Arcane
Type Utility
Range Self
Base cost 10
Equivalent item N/A

Strength of Atlas greatly increases the PC's carrying capacity when cast. The duration of this effect stacks with repeat castings.

This is a highly useful spell, often used continuously by PCs able to cast it. If desired, the player may cast the spell many times in a row to achieve an extremely long-lasting effect; this can be accomplished more efficiently by donning Willpower-increasing items (such as an amulet of perseverance) while casting. In practice, the total duration achievable is limited only by the player's patience and availability of means to cast the spell.

If the spell wears off while the PC is carrying an enormous amount of weight, this could result in the PC being crushed. Fortunately, the player will receive 5 separate warnings when the spell is about to wear off (1 per turn for 5 consecutive turns): "You feel your great strength waning." After each of the first 4 warnings, the player has a turn to either drop some items or recast Strength of Atlas. After the last warning, the spell finally expires and the PC's carrying capacity reverts to normal.



Carrying capacity bonus depends only on the PC's Mana score (M). The exact formulae looks the following way:

Burdened threshold = <base Burdened threshold> + M * 750
Strained threshold = <base Strained threshold> + M * 1000
Strained! threshold = <base Strained! threshold> + M * 1500
Overburdened threshold = <base Overburdened threshold> + M * 1750

It must be noted that Strength of Atlas uses the current Mana score and not the value which was relevant at the time of casting. Therefore, players should pay attention to stat changes as unequipping Mana-boosting items, getting stat drained or getting Mana reduced due to negative training will recalculate capacity bonus.


Strength of Atlas duration (in game turns) depends on the PC's Willpower score (W) and proficiency with the spell (P). The exact formula looks the following way:

(w + P) * 40

In some new version (at least in release 50 ver.) formula was changed to:

(w + P) * 20


Messages about Strength of Atlas expiration will interrupt all prolonged actions (eating, mining, etc.) However, they will not interrupt various status conditions such as sleeping or paralyzed. Players are recommended to exercise caution while fighting monsters that may induce such attacks with the PC under effects of Strength of Atlas. The same holds true for getting caught in webs as it is impossible to cast spells until the PC breaks free of them.

Strength of Atlas effect stacks with talents giving extra carrying capacity (Porter, Master Packager, Beast of Burden).

Strength of Atlas will never expire if the PC is standing on wilderness locations they cannot enter (such as the Pyramid or Minotaur Maze). The "strength waning" message will be displayed indefinitely each turn until the PC moves to an enterable location.[1]

Some information taken with permission from Andy Williams' Guidebook.