The strange message is a scroll labeled "Fox Nawagu". It is found in the hidden room in the north-center of the High Mountain Village, along with a cursed scroll of corruption removal. The contents are a letter:

Dear Lubaf,

I am sorry to disappoint you but you won't be able to find
the Scroll of Omnipotence in this place. I have hidden it
more effectively. You will need to find the red rooster at
dawn. Then you'll encounter the final challenge.

With passionate hate,
Alhacrast, Overlord of Jak-Nagiur.

The mentioned "scroll of omnipotence" and the line about the red rooster — seemingly a reference to the fabled "inn of the red rooster", which was to be visited at dawn — have led to some speculation that it may perhaps be a clue as to some as-yet undiscovered secret hidden in the Drakalor Chain.