In-game description "Your legs have stretched into long, fragile stilts."
Message when acquired "Suddenly your legs grow into enormous fragile stilts!"
Message when removed "Suddenly your legs return to normal length."
Attribute changes -6 Appearance, -4 PV
Other effects Decreases movement energy cost by 25%; reduces kicking damage

Stilts is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. While in effect, energy cost for movement is reduced by 25%. This bonus stacks with other means of reducing movement cost, such as seven league boots and class powers. Also, damage dealt by the PC's kicks is decreased by 4.


Kind of like the opposite of the stiff muscles corruption, the corruption exchanges some PV for increased mobility—quite a desirable tradeoff overall.

It does not inhibit Monks' ability to kick down walls.

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