In-game description "Your muscles have stiffened slowing you down."
Message when acquired "Your muscles suddenly stiffen slowing you down greatly."
Message when removed "The stiffness disappears from your muscles."
Attribute changes +2 Strength, +4 PV.
Other effects Increases energy cost of all actions by 1.5x

Stiff muscles is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It adds a massive penalty to the energy cost of all actions. This is similar to having Speed reduced to 75%.


Slows down all actions by 1.5x. Other EP penalties/bonuses may cause imprecise results. The bonuses are nowhere near worth the cost. Because energy cost is affected directly, rather than Speed, there is no bonus to experience. This should be removed immediately. Chaos Knights who begin with stiff muscles have a very low chance of survival.

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