The Steam version of the game has 83 achievements — some of which are quite hard to accomplish.


Name Description Notes
Animal whisperer Tame an animal Easy for Bards using the Music skill
Assassin's deed Kill an enemy with poison Assassins start with potions of poison
Atonement Recover from being Doomed
Aware of danger Pass the Small cave in less than 200 turns Descend the stairs to the Unremarkable Dungeon within the turn limit to complete the task
A child's hero Save a puppy from certain doom Whether wished for puppies count needs confirmation
Battle alchemist Kill a monster with an alchemical fireball
Bookworm Get the Weird tome
Champion of Balance Be crowned as a Champion of Balance
Champion of Chaos Be crowned as a Champion of Chaos
Champion of Order Be crowned as a Champion of Order
Champion of the Arena Become the champion of the arena
Deep dive Reach level 50 of the Infinite Dungeon
Dragon slayer Slay a dragon. Easy, right?
Egyptologist Kill the lord of the mummies
Entomologist Enter the bug infested temple Unlocks upon entering the second level of the temple
Filk will never die! Kill Filk
Fortune's Favor Have Fate smile upon you Need to have Fate smiles intrinsically, having it from items doesn't give the achievement
Friend of the Felines Complete the cat quest Completed upon getting the Ring of the master cat
It starts easy Die your first death
Just in time Save Khelavaster
Kung Fu master Reach level 15 in Unarmed fighting Level 18+ Chaos Knights only need to reach a base skill level of 7
Lucky sip Get a wish from a pool
Mad carpenter no more Find a way to cure Yrrigs
Martial arts adept Reach level 5 in Unarmed fighting
Master alchemist Mix a Potion of gain attributes
Master of Air Obtain the Air Orb
Master of Earth Obtain the Earth Orb
Master of Fire Obtain the Fire Orb
Master of Mana Obtain the Mana Orb
Master of Water Obtain the Water Orb
Peaceful Offer peace to a monster
Power at my fingertips Successfully learn the Wish spell from a tome
Sacrificial fodder Dealt successfully with the Demented ratling
Scholar Pickup Literacy skill during a game Possible reward for the first of Thrundarr's quests
Scorer Score 10 million points
High scorer Score 25 million points
Scoring monster Score 50 million points A chaotic Ultra ending scores upwards of 100 million points
Shoplifter Succesfully rob a shop without resorting to violence Easiest way is to teleport out of the shop
Soul Saver Free Griff Bloodax's soul
Stick them with pointy end! Dual-wield Needle and Sting
Theseus Get the minotaur axe
Things were better back then Restore a character from permadeath Cheat death by using an Amulet of life saving or the Necromancer level 50 class power
There is no such thing as overkill Obtain the Trident of the Red Rooster
Treehugger Went through the Living Forest not attacking trees Going through the Dwarven Halls seems to work
Very deep dive Reach level 100 of the Infinite Dungeon
Visited Terinyo Locate and enter the town of Terinyo
What's this? Find a Strange item
Why did you do that? Finish Riurry's quest
Well-known Wanderer Rise to experience level 5
Well-known Veteran Rise to experience level 10
Well-known Champion Rise to experience level 20
Well-known Hero Rise to experience level 30
Well-known Legend Rise to experience level 40
Well-known Demi-Urge Rise to experience level 50
Achiever Unlock 40% of all achievements
Overachiever Unlock 80% of all achievements
Adom grandmaster Unlock every other achievement

Requires winning the game[]

Name Description Notes
...And throw away the key Close the Chaos Gate This is the only endgame achievement that can be triggered with a Special Chaos Knight ending
Beloved by fate Win the game with a character by letting fate decide
Consistent believer Win without ever changing Alignment Changes within neutral, lawful or chaotic alignment do not influence on this; going from L+ to LN is okay
Everything for this moment Usurp the throne of Chaos Ultimate Chaos God Ending (Chaotic Ultra ending)
I'm bad... But I feel good! Achieve the Ordinary chaos god ending
Neutralizer Slay the Chaos God during your crusade of Balance You need to kill Andor Drakon while neutral and not wielding Trident of the Red Rooster, forfeiting Ultra ending at the last moment
Magic hater Win without casting spells
Plant hater Win without using herbs, plants or any related skills Herbs, logs, Gardening, and Woodcraft disable the achievement
Plutonium man Complete the game after killing 95% of every type of non-unique monster in the game Currently bugged and unlocks at a lower percentage
Revered martyr Slay the Chaos God during your crusade of Order You need to kill Andor Drakon while lawful and not wielding Trident of the Red Rooster, forfeiting Ultra ending at the last moment
Speed Demon Complete the game within 10000 turns Best melee speed runs are over 18000 turns, so being a caster is the way to go
Speed Runner Complete the game within 20000 turns
Speed Player Complete the game within 40000 turns
The Grey Hawk Become Avatar of Balance Neutral Ultra ending
The White Eagle Become Avatar of Order Lawful Ultra ending
Titanium man Complete the game before rising above experience level 20
True ascension Commit the ultimate sacrifice to stop Chaos Close the Chaos Gate as a non-chaotic Chaos Knight
Yep, all done! Leave the Drakalor Chain after having closed the Chaos Gate

Tricky ones[]

Name Description Notes
Avatar of thieves Steal an item worth at least 6666 gold Must be base cost, not a shop price. One confirmed item which works is an Amulet of resurrection. The guaranteed antediluvian dwarven map fragment sold in the antediluvian dungeon also works. Some other artifacts or a Ring of regeneration should be enough.
Give and take Buy stuff with a total value of 90169 gold pieces with one character May be achieved by selling and re-buying the same stuff repeatedly; the best way to achieve the exact sum is selling rocks.

90169 is a reference to the sum collected by the ADOM Resurrection campaign.

Globetrotter Visit every town in Ancardia Towns are Dwarftown, Terinyo, Lawenilothehl, High Mountain Village and the ruined city. Reportedly this achievement triggers in a buggy way; exact reasons are not known, but it is suspected that the problem my involve Dwarftown being generated at certain depths. Either player needs to see all possible incarnations of Dwarftown, or just on a particular depth.
Iron man Retrieve the Chaos Sceptre in the most straightforward way possible, then leave the game You can't enter any other location except for Wilderness and the Infinite Dungeon. Going up stairs or away from downstairs is allowed.
Ocean's Eleven Successfully rob the Casino If you end attacking the shopkeeper before stealing it will not count. The easiest way is to block the doorway with a pet and swap with it later on.
Eternium man Level up to level 50 in Small cave without visiting any other location Since Wilderness is allowed, this can be achieved similarly to Steel Man — only finishing in the Small Cave (though it's arguably against the spirit of classical ADOM challenges). Proper way to achieve it is so far unknown.
Lithium Man Complete the game without visiting any locations except the Caverns of chaos and the Tower of Eternal Flames One needs to avoid the Ogre cave, Fungal Caves, Blue Dragon Caves, Heavenly Area, and either the Animated Forest or the Dwarven Halls.

This achievement cannot be unlocked by a Chaos Knight.

Steel man Level up to level 50 in the Wilderness without entering any other location Typically the player raises wilderness DL by reading scrolls of danger, scums for rings of djinni summoning and wishes for 'emperor moloch'; leveling to 50 by killing the resulting horde(s) of greater molochs.