Status conditions are effects caused by certain actions in the game that temporarily influence characteristics of the PC (or a monster, if inflicted on one by certain means). Such characteristics include loss of HP, temporary modification of certain stats, inability to use certain commands or even complete loss of mobility for a certain amount of turns. Some may even be fatal. Status conditions are almost always negative, though a few can actually have positive effects.

Status conditions differ from intrinsics, as intrinsics are usually permanent unless/until they are removed (by removing an item if granted by one, or by magical means such as pools or karma ). Also, status conditions appear in the bottom left of the game screen, whereas intrinsics can usually only be identified by a potion of insight or the Revelation spell. An exception to these rules is invisibility — which is regarded as an intrinsic rather than a status, but shows up on the bottom left of the screen and may be granted temporarily by pools.

Satiation/hunger levels[]

Name Satiation level Effect(s)
Bloated 2501+ -3 DV, -10 Speed, -2 to-hit.
Prevents the PC from eating anything (though the PC can still consume a turn by attempting to eat something)
Satiated 1501 - 2500 -1 DV, -5 Speed, -1 to-hit.
Hungry 249 - -50
Hungry! -51 - -300 Subsequent turns taken after becoming very hungry may cause temporary reductions to some stats.
Starving Less than -301 PC suffers temporary stat losses, and will die if the (s)he does not consume anything satiating within a certain number of turns.

Starvation also has the effect of 'encouraging' PCs to eat corpses they usually wouldn't, such as doppelgangers (for most races) and orcish or dwarven monsters (for dwarves).

Burden levels[]

Name Offensive/defensive penalties Effect on food consumption (if moving) Effect on other stats Other notes
Burdened -1 DV, -5 Speed, -1 to-hit. +1.5 Trains Strength if it is below 15.
Strained -2 DV, -10 Speed, -2 to-hit. +2 Trains Strength if it is below 16.
Strained! -3 DV, -20 Speed, -3 to-hit. +3 Trains Strength if it is below 18. Walking down staircases whilst very strained can cause the PC to fall, slightly injuring him/her.
Overburdened! -4 DV, -40 Speed, huge impact on to-hit/damage +4 Trains Strength if it is below 20, but also abuses Dexterity. The most significant effect of being overburdened is that the PC becomes incapable of moving (though (s)he can still act). The PC also cannot pick anything (else) up. It is still possible for the PC to exceed their highest burden limit nonetheless — e.g. by reducing their carrying capacity — resulting in the "Crushed" status and thus instant death.

Other conditions[]

Name Effect(s) Common Causes Cure? Notes
Bleeding PC loses one HP per turn for each bleeding wound inflicted on him/her. Multiple bleeding wounds may cause the status to be displayed as "Bleeding!". Occasionally caused by monster attacks. Can also be caused by pools. First aid cures one count of bleeding (at a time). Being healed by a deity also cures bleeding, and drinking from a pool can sometimes stop bleeding wounds The status can also be inflicted on monsters; it may be inflicted with each hit if the PC is wielding a 'weeping' weapon.
Blessed Increases the PC's luck. Increases PV by +1 per 25 PC levels. Increases to-hit by +1 per 10 PC levels. Increases attack damage by +1 per 20 PC levels. Casting the Bless spell on the PC or drinking holy water (temporary), praying at Legend statues (temporary), completing the ice queen's first quest (temporary), crowning (permanent unless PC becomes a fallen champion) Rooms that are particularly unholy will remove temporary blessings. Upon removal, the message "Your mood darkens" is displayed. Perhaps the only truly positive status in the game.
Deaf No messages related to sounds will be generated. Additionally, the PC cannot 'C'hat to any NPCs (the message "You don't know how to communicate by using sign language." is generated). Plugging the PC's ears by 'U'sing beeswax, drinking a potion of deafness, sometimes caused by exploding door traps Blocked ears are cured by using the 'E' command or if the wax is destroyed by fire. Drinking a blessed potion of deafness can cure temporary deafness. Forcing the PC to be deaf is one way to survive being instakilled by the Banshee's scream. Also, the PC can still hear shopkeepers whilst deaf.
Drunk -3 DV, -1 to-hit, +2 to-damage. No other known effects on game commands - not even on moving, aiming or casting spells from memory Drinking too much booze - either from non-cursed potions of booze (particularly blessed ones), or ales from Torgall in Dwarftown. None (though it wears off quickly enough)
Invisible Invisible PCs won't be noticed by monsters unless the monster can see invisible or has been already been attacked by the PC. There is a chance that an adjacent monster can 'bump into' an invisible PC and thus attack even if it can't see him/her. Wearing a cloak of invisibility or ring of invisibility, drinking a potion of invisibility, drinking from a pool. Drinking a potion of visibility temporarily removes invisibility. Drinking from a pool can remove temporary invisibility.
Slowed The speed of the PC (or target, if casting Slow Monster) is halved whilst under this condition Attacks from a clay golem,slow shadow, writhing mass of primal chaos or stone snake; casting Slow Monster on the PC None