Stat drains are a special type of monster attack that decreases the PC's score on a particular stat. Stat drains are generally quite frustrating due to the fact that they are permanent--the lost points can only be regained through the usual means of training the stat. While the loss of a point or two of a stat is not particularly significant, fighting stat drainers unprepared or en masse can be devastating.

Stat drains can be divided into two types. They can be induced through a monster's physical attack or they can be induced through a magical cast by some powerful monsters. Physical attacks will only ever drain one point from one particular stat, and always either Strength or Toughness (though vampires and spectres can drain both). Magical stat drains will reduce a random stat by 1d3.

The table below lists all monsters who are capable of stat draining, their method of choice and the stat that they drain.

Name Type of Drain
Chaos Archmage (Nuurag-Vaarn) Spell
Ancient sage (Khelevaster) Spell
Black druid (Keethrax) Spell
ElDeR cHaOs GoD (Andor Drakon) Spell
Emperor lich Spell
Great white wyrm Spell
Greater daemon Spell
Lich king Spell
Living wall Melee, Drains St
Minotaur mage Spell
Multi-headed chaos dragon (Keriax) Spell
Old crone (Gaab'Baay) Spell
Quasit Melee, Drains St
Shadow Melee, Drains St
Shadow lord Melee, Drains St
Shadow troll Melee, Drains St
Slow shadow Melee, Drains St
Shadow centipede Melee, Drains St
Spectre Melee, Drains St and To
Vampire Melee, Drains St and To
Wight Melee, Drains To
Wraith Melee, Drains To

Stat drains due to spells may be resisted based on a check of the PC's luck and Mana scores. Stat drains due to physical attack require the attack to actually strike and cause damage, and this may be avoided by high DV and PV, as well as a similar check. Paladins and Necromancers are more resistant to stat drains from melee attacks at higher levels due to class powers.

Stat drains may only be inflicted on the PC while in melee range, so missiles, spells, wands or disablers will help avoid excessive stat drains.