ADOM has a 360-day calendar with 12 30-day months (star signs). At creation, each character is randomly assigned a birthday and appropriate star sign, each of which have several effects. In paid versions of ADOM it is possible to instead choose a star sign. The effects are heavily varied, offering either general bonuses or bonuses designed to boost a specific play style.

Five of the signs (Unicorn, Wolf, Dragon, Cup and Raven) are real-life constellations, with Cup and Raven located next to each other in the sky. However, this choice is probably a coincidence.

Star signs[]

Star sign In-game description Notes
Raven Harder to trick by deceptions, messengers will reach you faster, you are faster (+10 to speed), companions are more powerful, +2 to initial Perception. Lowers PC experience level requirement for receiving the rune-covered trident from 36 to 16.
Book Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change), one free skill increase per level, increased chance to learn spells, +3 to initial Learning
Wand Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change), spells for neutral casters are 10% cheaper in power points, +2 to initial Charisma, starts out with lawful tendencies but gets +2 to Mana and 10% more power points if neutral initially
Unicorn Harder to corrupt by Chaos effects, hard to change to a different alignment once lawful, +2 to initial Appearance
Salamander Fire magic is 20% cheaper in power points, +1 to initial Charisma, +3 to initial Mana, +20% to power points (always) Affected spells: Burning Hands, Fire Bolt, Fireball, Improved Fireball.
Dragon 10% increased effects from Tactics settings, -3 to initial Willpower, +2 to initial Strength, +1 to initial Toughness, costs to increase weapon skills are reduced by 10%, combat magic is 10% cheaper in power points
Sword Positive modifiers from Tactics settings are increased by 10%, costs to increase melee weapon skills are reduced by 20%, +1 to the initial Learning score
Falcon Very good at surviving in the wilderness, +2 to initial Willpower, +1 to initial Charisma, one free talent Grants Survival skill.
Cup Requires 10% less experience points to advance in level, receives one free skill advance every two levels, learns spells more effectively (20% better than others), +2 to initial Learning
Candle Heals faster, the gods are more forgiving when asked for favors, one free talent Grants extra healing source (2 HP every 20 turns).
Wolf +3 to initial Perception, +3 to initial Willpower, food is more nutritious for you (by +25%)
Tree It's generally hard to change alignment, +5 to initial Willpower, +2 Toughness, +1 PV