See also Missile prefixes and suffixes.

Slaying ammunition refers to any missile that is guaranteed to inflict a critical hit on a target if the monster is of a particular type (e.g., a quarrel of humanoid slaying always land a critical hit on humanoid opponents).

Landing critical hits in missile combat is particularly notable as these deal up to five times the damage that would be dealt before PV is taken into account. Critical hits in melee deal but twice the damage dealt before PV is subtracted from it. Slaying ammo can thus be extremely powerful against the right monster; with blessed arrows of demon or undead slaying dealing between three to seven times their usual damage to the appropriate monsters.

Missiles with the suffix 'of <foo> slaying' are regarded as separate items, with their own base damage stats. The suffix 'of slaying', on the other hand, is a generic suffix that can be found on any missiles including boomerangs and scurgari.

Types of slaying ammunition[]

A list of these missiles can also be found on the Missiles page.



Sling bullets[]

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