Skullcrusher ( ( )
Item Type Melee weapon
Artifact? Yes
Weight 120s
Danger Level 2
Material Nonmetallic

The rune-covered club "Skullcrusher" is a random artifact club in ADOM. It has stats of (+12, 3d6+2) [-3, +0], and has several other helpful effects, including its power to slay humanoids.


This can be considered a quite endgame-worthy weapon based on the humanoid slaying and its one-handedness, which allows the use of a shield. Though the damage rating is less than stellar, it can be helped by choosing the Basher talent line.

Guaranteed/Common sources[]

It can be generated in the same manner as all random artifacts, including precrowning and several methods of loot generation. As all artifacts, it cannot be wished for. It is a possible crowning gift for Barbarians, Weaponsmiths, and Farmers.

Greater Identify information[]

-------- blessed rune-covered club "Skullcrusher" (+12, 3d6+2) [-3, +...-------

It is an artifact.

When wielded it modifies DV by -3 and PV by +0.
When used in melee combat it grants a +12 bonus to hit and causes 3d6+2 points
of damage. When used as a missile it grants a +0 bonus to hit and causes 1d4
points of damage.

It is a humanoid slayer.
It modifies your strength attribute by +4.
It grants resistance to stunning.
It grants resistance to confusion attacks.